8 Kettlebell Workout Exercises – Sensational Swinging!

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Its worth knowing some kettlebell workout exercises while we all wait anxiously to find out when we will be let loose to the outside world once again, lockdown 2.0 is currently under way as of writing which brings us to the next point which is…

how are we going to maintain our fitness levels once again, now that we must “remain at home” at all times, other than going out for essentials or daily exercise. Have no fear, as Sport CBDs is here once again to go through some kettlebell workout exercises to get you through lockdown to stay hench (ripped) and fit for when lockdown is lifted.

If you want a brief breakdown of what a kettlebell is and the basics on them, then please check out our other post here.

With this in mind, lets crack on with the safety briefing and get to the exercises…

Working With The Right Tools

As you may or may not know… kettlebells are a great piece of kit to workout with, but be warned... don’t get carried away and buy and use a heavier kettlebell than what you can work with just because your mate uses a heavy one. If you are not familiar with exercising with kettlebells, I would recommend you go light to start off with a kettlebell weighing between 2kg – 8kg.

This is because once you start swinging, you’ll be blowing like the big bad wolf in “The Three Little Pigs” after a few minutes if you go too heavy, that’s not to mention you could do yourself some serious damage to yourself and kettlebells take no prisoners, as they love playing the wrecking ball into mirrors and TV sets when the operator in question loses their grip. Please make sure you get a kettlebell that suits your own needs.

The other thing you need to make sure before we pick up that kettlebell is that we have sufficient room to work with. Make sure you have enough room to swing the beast in various directions. Finally make sure the floor space is clean of anything which may make you slip or fall (such as a rug or tea cups laying around). Right… we all good? lets get grab that kettlebell and “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy” just like our good friends at Cobra Kai do.

Respect The Bell!

The great thing about KBs are that they work multiple muscles at once, which serves well for overall fitness and great for functional fitness too.

The exercises we are going to be doing here will work the entire body and can be done with beginners to advanced, obviously if your more advanced you will be more familiar with the exercises and you could use a heavier kettlebell (KB) or increase the amount of time on each exercise.

Just so you know, I weigh a meagre 75kg and use between 8kg – 16kg KB for workouts which range between five and thirty minutes. I have built up to thirty minutes over time and used a lighter KB to get there, but this isn’t a contest I’m just making you aware of the sizes I’m working with so you can make your decisions based on your weight and fitness levels.

The way we are going to do this workout is on a circuit basis where we will do the exercises for 45 seconds take 15 seconds to prepare for the next exercise and then we go again for 45 seconds. I will do all the exercises twice on this occasion, if you are more advanced you can carry on and do another circuit or two. The workout takes around 15 minutes to complete and is going to be challenging to beginners and intermediates, but remember to go at your own pace and never go too hard too soon with these workouts.

Kettlebell Workout Exercises – Ready, Get Swinging

The kettlebell workout exercises here all have two hands on the KB at all times, this is for beginners to feel comfortable holding the equipment for the duration of the workout, we will be holding the KB as you would a ball or “by the horns” which are the handles, you can do some of these exercises with one hand at a time or even two kettlebells but that’s for another day.

List of exercises are below, but you can also follow along with the video that has been made to accompany the workout underneath here.

Kettlebell workout exercises
Click on image above to follow the workout in real time.

Swing – this is the most common KB exercise and it involves you holding the KB by the horns and swinging it from between your legs to chest height and repeat. Try to let the KB swing like a pendulum on a clock, make sure you are stood comfortably with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart, with knees slightly bent and always remember to breathe.

Deadlift Jump – stand as you would do with the swing above, then bend over from the waist and take the KB by the horns and lift it by pulling yourself back to standing position with your arms straight, then jump into the air around 6 inches off the floor, slowly lower the KB to the ground from your waist and then repeat exercise.

Bent over row – similar to the deadlift before but bend over as you would previously and take KB by horns and then pull it towards your chest and then lower it until your arms are straight and then repeat exercise.

Goblet squat press up – we take the KB and hold it from underneath close to our chest with your feet wider than shoulder width and then lower yourself down to a squat position with the KB between your knees and then push back up to the starting position, next lift the KB from your waist above your head then lower to your waist and repeat.

Chest press -sit on the floor with the KB between your legs, take the KB as you did in previous exercise and lower yourself onto your back with the KB resting on your chest, then push the KB away from you with both hands until your arms are straight, then lower back to chest, then repeat.

Lateral squat and press out – this one may feel tricky to do, stand with KB against your chest, then take wide side step to your right and squat down onto right side then push the KB out from chest as you did in previous exercise and then pull it back in towards you, push back up with you bent leg, step back in and then step back to the other side (your left) and repeat exercise.

Good morning – stand with feet shoulder width apart and KB against your chest, lower your torso parallel to the ground and then lift yourself back up to standing, then repeat.

Squat upright row – take the KB by horns and stand with feet wide than shoulder width and lower body as you did with the goblet squat, then stand back up and then lift the KB up under your chin with elbows out wide and then lower KB back to starting position.

Finishing Strong

Always remember to warm up and warm down before and after any workouts to minimise any risk of injury. Kettlebell workout exercises are a great way to work various muscle groups at one time and are great for the core too, with one piece of equipment you can get a full body workout which ticks all the boxes for your fitness needs.

If you have tried these kettlebell workout exercises and found them useful, then please comment below and let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them, If you wanted to get your hands on a new kettlebell or have never had one, then click here to get yours now.

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8 thoughts on “8 Kettlebell Workout Exercises – Sensational Swinging!

  1. Hey,

    I am so happy to have come across this article. In the UK we have gone into lockdown 2.0 and we can no longer go the gym. Since lockdown started I haven’t exercised at all and I need to get my backside into gear. Your exercises can be done at home, and I do actually have a kettlebell.

    I am going to make a start on your exercises and I will let you know how I go. I am hoping to make these exercises a habit.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your kind words. I put these kettlebell workout exercises together for people like yourself that are indeed in lockdown and would benefit from this workout. If you didn’t have a kettlebell, you could still use a dumbbell if you had one of those.

      I will be adding more Kettlebell workouts and other types of workouts in the coming weeks, to help those wanting to workout at home while everything is shut down. As you know, Kettlebells are a great way to work the entire body without needing lots of equipment.

      Please let me know how you get on.

      Speak soon.

  2. The only exercise I have heard a lot about but I have yet to try is any type of kettlebell exercise. I heard they are beneficial for the whole body. You have provided me 8 of them in detail to try so I have no excuse now. Time to get a KB and do it! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Hi Justin,

      I hope the 8 kettlebell workout exercises have been of use to you. You dont have any excuses now, so get up and get swinging mate. Enjoy. Kettlebells are indeed very versitile and give you a great all round workout with one piece of equipment.

  3. Great tips on using the kettlebells safely and effectively. This is a great way of working out during the time when gyms are closed.

    1. Hi,

      thanks mate. Kettlebells are a great way to keep fit during the time gyms are closed. I hope these kettlebell workout exercises were of use to you?

      speak soon mate.

  4. Hi,
    Such an informative article with amazing workout tips. Kettlebells are known to improve overall strength, core power, balance, and flexibility.

    It can be combined with workout exercises like combine strength and cardio, improve functional strength, and it’s fun and versatile. It seems like all one total body conditioning tool helps in building muscle, increase power endurance and overall physical fitness level will improve.

    Kettlebell movements are dynamic that will help an individual to focus the mind to muscle connection and that helps in development.

    Great article!

    Have a Nice Day!

    1. hi,

      thanks for your comments on the post. It is true that kettlebells are a great all round piece of kit for working the entire body.

      You can increase and improve all that you mentioned here. Glad you found it informative and the tips were helpful to you. It goes to show you don’t need lots of kit to keep fit, just a kettlebell and a bit or room.


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