Kettlebell Workout Program – Beginners Upper Body Blast – No3 In Series

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Kettlebell Workout Program – Beginners Upper Body Blast – No3 In Series

As we arrive at the third instalment of this beginners upper body kettlebell workout series.

I mentioned previously that every now and again, its good to go back to basics in order for us to improve our technique and also for those that are new to kettlebells to build a solid foundation on.

We are once again building upon what we did in the previous two workouts by increasing the reps we do and adding another exercise to the mix.

If you wanted to check the other workouts before this one, then see below:

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What we have in the workout here are 9 exercises, with 2 rounds. The workout isn’t timed as such but took me 30 minutes to complete and burned just under 400 calories!

This wasn’t rushed, it was done to a moderate tempo while explaining what exercise was next etc.

As I said, we aren’t racing through the workout here, we are building reps to increase our strength and cardiovascular output.

Todays workout details

Here are the nine exercises in the workout routine this time around:

  • One arm Swing x 40 Reps
  • Windmill x 12 Reps on each side
  • Clean and press x 25 Reps on each side
  • Deadlift & upright row x 30 Reps
  • Bent Over Row x 30 Reps
  • Curl, press & tricep x 20 Reps
  • One arm pull x 15 Reps on each side
  • Chest press x 30 Reps
  • Lateral swing x 20 Reps on each side

As you can see from the exercises here, we have increased all the exercise reps and added another great swing exercise into the mix with the lateral swing. Even if you aren’t a beginner, this workout is great for all levels due to the nature of the exercises in the routine.

This is a great upper body workout for you to continue your kettlebell journey with. I am going to be adding more workouts over the coming weeks to help you along the way.

All these movements require you to twist, pivot, push and pull in the way the body is intended to, with functional exercises that will also help with your mobility also.

If you have read this far, then why not follow along with me and do the workout in realtime?

If you enjoyed this, then please try some of the other workouts over at the YouTube channel.

I have the following workouts for you to try:

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Always remember that if the workout is too challenging and you’re finding it difficult to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise to your fitness level.

If you enjoyed this workout then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 40 workouts which include the use of kettlebellsresistance bandsdumbbells and even body weight exercises too. 

Don’t forget, I will be adding more workouts weekly to help you stay fit and healthy at home with just the use of a kettlebell.

With workouts of all types, for all fitness levels. You know that we have you covered, so stay tuned for more.

Keep practising this workout and increase those reps until the next workout drops next week. You won’t regret it!

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Until next time, all the best…

Beginners Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Lee – Sport CBDs

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