Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises – Upper Body Burner!


Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises – All fitness levels welcome!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been experimenting with a long resistance band and have enjoyed using them.

Thats the reason why this week, I have gone for another resistance band workout but this time focussing on the upper body only!

It’s easy to forget what you can do with a single resistance band. This resistance band workout is great for any fitness level. No matter the weight, you can squat, hinge, row, push, press and swing through almost any exercise, while getting a heavy sweat on all with one moderate-to-heavy band.

As you know, I love the EMOM format of working out.

EMOM, or every minute on the minute workouts are a simple and effective way to put in a lot of work in a short amount of time. An EMOM can be performed for any length of time. This structure allows people to get creative with their workouts and easily scale them to be more difficult as your fitness level increases.

With this routine, I have gone with 45 seconds to do as many controlled reps as possible, with 20 seconds rest in between sets.

This workout will take you 20 minutes to complete and you will burn around 250 – 300 calories in the process.

We go for 2 rounds and there’s no rest in between, we go straight through.

Todays workout has 8 exercises in total:

  • Straight arm trunk twist x 2
  • Band clap 
  • Archers bow x 2 
  • Plank arm raise 
  • knuckle press legs raised 
  • Deadlift To Bent Over Row
  • Pray curl and press
  • Laid down overhead raise 

As you can see from the exercises above, this workout will work the upper body to the maximum and is a great workout of all fitness levels.

One thing to mention is that in the second round, while doing the straight arm trunk twist, you will see my hands lower slightly when rotating as the exercise progresses. This was down to fatigue and instead of stopping before the buzzer, I lowered my arms slightly to take that resistance away to enable me to finish doing the exercise for 45 seconds.

Also, with the archers bow, you can hold on to the band in different parts to increase or decrease the resistance. This works well if you have a lighter band and want to do more, or you triceps can take the extra tension.

Once again with the workout I have used my trusty 30-60lb resistance band. As you know you can chop and change the resistance bands if you need to, depending on your fitness level.

Some of the exercises in the routine are done for 45 seconds on one side of the body, then the same exercise is repeated for 45 seconds on the other side of the body.

As you know, I always recommend warming up before working out, so if you check out the video below it will take you to my 15 minute morning stretching routine.

Once you have warmed up and you are ready to go, let’s get on with the workout.

Click on the link below to follow along in real time to do the workout.

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Always remember that if the workout is too challenging and you’re finding it difficult to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise to your fitness level.

If you enjoyed this workout then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 40 workouts which include the use of kettlebellsresistance bandsdumbbells and even body weight exercises too. 

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Until next time, all the best…

Lee – Sport CBDs

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