Best Full Body Kettlebell Exercises – 6 Super moves!

best full body kettlebell exercises

Best Full Body Kettlebell Exercises – 6 Super moves!

Were back again with another full body kettlebell workout and this time it will bring you to your knees!

Who would have thought that swinging a heavy ball could be so much fun? However, with the popularity of kettlebell workouts at the moment, you could be struggle to get your hands on one of these wonderful balls of joy!

How I Got Here…

If you are familiar to the site and have been here often (thats all 10 of you) then you will know my love for the mighty kettlebell.

For the majority that havent been here before, ill let you into a little secret…I kinda rate kettlebells over any other piece of equipment. They promote strength, endurance and you cardiovascular output.

Not bad for one piece of kit right?

I use them most days and have a lengthy back catalogue of workouts here at the website and over on my youtube channel too (dont forget to subscribe).

I have been tossing about some form of kettlebell for a few years and I still find using them challenging and rewarding at the same time (job interview answer there). This is really the case and I would recommend you try them out at some point, just be careful as they can do damage…just like any other piece of equipment if not handeld right I guess.

This Time Around

Having done so many workouts with this cast iron beast, I have learned that using them can really help with increasing your mobility…this means helping the body move as its intened to do so. This is where I feel the KB wins hands down as it does this more so than any other piece of equipment I have used vin my two decades of fitness.

What I have done here once again is to promote the above movements within this workout. We have six exercises this time and three of them are done on each arm individually.

The other thing that I have done again is to do the workout in the style of an EMOM workout (EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE) and by that I mean we do as many reps as possible within 45 seconds, then I have genously given you 15 seconds to prepare for the next exercise (arent I nice).

I have found this type of exercise method useful when it comes working out with kettlebells too, as the movements flow better and work as a group, rather then various random individual isometric exercises.

So lets begin with the workout in question shall we.

Best Full Body Kettlebell Exercises

Workout On The Menu

There are six exercises to work through her and three of them are repeated on each side, with two rounds this workout will tak you 18 minutes in total and will burn you around 260 calories in the process.

The list of exercises here are as follows:

1.Pistol squat one arm row

2.Overhead press combo

3.Kneeled Hip thrust 

4.Cross chest curl 

5.Kneeled front raise 

6.Rear delt pass

As you can see from the list above, we are using the entire body during this routine with all major muscle groups being worked: quads, hamstrings, back, chest, core, shoulders, glutes, biceps and forearms.

Disclaimer – Please be careful with exercise 6…this can put strain on your wrists and you may find it difficult after doing all the other exercises, just be aware of this. Its a great exercise for working the rear deltoid muscles in the shoulders and smaller muslces in the back that dont get used as much or get neglected shall we say.

Workout With Me

If you wanted a detailed over view of the exercises in question here and even wanted to do the workout in realtime, then please click on the video below to follow along with me!

If you wanted to check out the other full body kettlebell workouts I have done, then please head here:

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All of the workouts above will give you a complete total body workout, that will burn you around 250 calories a time and promote functional fitness, which helps you build strength by using the body the way it should move.


If you have tried this kettlebell full body workout and found it useful, then please comment below and let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them.

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