Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 4 – Back & Shoulder Sculpture!

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Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 4 – Back & Shoulder Sculpture!

Who would have thought there would have been an upper body kettlebell workout series, let alone getting to part 4! The success of the series has been refreshing and has shown just how far kettlebells have come in the last few years.

With restrictions being lifted all over the world, people are being allowed back into gyms, but if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that lots of people have now got used to working out at home as a kettlebell costs little money and will give you a full body workout that has you relieved once the workout is over!

Back On The Grind

If you have missed the previous workouts in this series and you wanted to try them, then please see below:

Kettlebell Upper body Workout – 1

Kettlebell Upper body Workout – 2

Kettlebell Upper body Workout – 3

Each workout targets different muscle groups and will have you the complete upper body experience, working through them all.

This workout targets the back and shoulders, which will leave you aching the following day and beyond.

Functionality & Mobility

As with all workouts here, we are trying to promote functional fitness and mobility, by this we mean that we want to move and work the body doing movements that help build strength in multiple areas, that help the body move as it should.

We have 8 exercises this time around, once again we are only using one kettlebell. I have been asked to do workouts with two, however I think using one is more versatile and most people only have one Kettlebell.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store…

This Time Around

What we are doing with this workout is a kind of EMOM routine, where we do the exercise in question for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and then go straight into the next exercise. We go for two rounds on this workout and go straight into the second round after the end of the first round (sorry not sorry).

This means with the power of my awesome mathematical skills that the workout is 24 minutes long NON STOP!

My maths isn’t off don’t worry. It’s because some exercises require you to do them on each arm. Now you are worried right?

Please make sure you have fluid on standby and always make sure you have warmed up sufficiently too. We want to make sure those muscles are firing on all cylinders without the twang or rip of a pulled tendon, ligament or muscle even.

The 8 exercises on offer this time are as follows:

  1. One arm fly with hips raised
  2. Good morning press
  3. Side swing
  4. Bent over swing
  5. Triceps curl
  6. One arm upright row
  7. Kettlebell raise
  8. Kettlebell press

The Hare & The Tortoise

As you can see from the list above, you are getting a great workout that will target every muscle in the shoulders – front, middle and back deltoids, plus the trapezius. Let’s not forget the entire back as well as the core, pecs, triceps, biceps and forearms too.

I want you to push ourselves, like we do with any workout. Just make sure you are familiar with how the kettlebell moves along with how you body moves mechanically as well.

It’s not a race and you should never sacrifice reps for form. We have all seen those crazy cats at the gym doing all kinds of random exercises, that are not really working anything. Apart from give us all a little chuckle.

If you want to follow along in real time with the workout, then please click on the image below. 

I normally use a 16kg kettlebell when working out, I find this to be the optimum weight for me. With the workout here and because of the workout in question, I have gone for half that, with a 8kg.

Don’t worry, even using half the weight still gave me a wicked workout that had me aching for days afterwards (no joke).

Finish Him!

If you are still lucky enough to be standing after the workout here, then you didn’t go hard enough! Only joking, you will feel it in the morning, I guarantee it.

One way I help with the reduction of muscle soreness is with the use of CBD daily, to help reduce inflammation and help lower any pain I may have with training hard on a regular basis. If you are serious about training, then you should consider CBD. I have found it a revelation.

If you are thinking of using it, then head over to the Sport CBDs store now. We do every kind of CBD and we also ship globally too.

If you have tried this upper body kettlebell workout and found it useful, then please comment below and let me know you thoughts as I would love to hear them. If you wanted to get you hands on a new kettlebell or have never had one, then click here to get yours now.

Please don’t forget to check out other posts and YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe) for the latest health and fitness news, CBD news, along with product reviewsmeditationsrecipesworkouts and if you require any CBD for you post workout therapy needs, please take a look at our store to get hold of yours now.


13 thoughts on “Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 4 – Back & Shoulder Sculpture!

  1. hello lee,
    Your upper body Kettlebell Workouts are superb. I have already started feeling a change, and it’s been just over 10 days. These are exercises I haven’t found on other common fitness sites.
    I must say that you have a great strategy, and it works beautifully.

    1. Hi Aps!

      Great to hear from you. So pleased to hear you have been doing these workouts. It also pleases me to know you think these workouts are unique and have helped you feel stronger in the process.

      Please keep up the great work and please check in again soon and let me know how the progress is going!

      All the best.

  2. Hi Lee

    You had me at back and shoulder sculpture! While I still haven’t embraced the kettlebells (sticking with the old, familiar dumbbells! Loving your dumbbells full-body workout BTW), I have never regretted working on this part of my body.

    (I went from saggy with the dreaded bra-bulge to a toned, youthful look!)

    Anyway, back to the kettlebells. That video looks flippin’ brutal! If I was filming that I would need to do it over a fortnight. (Well, maybe I could do it with a super-light kettlebell.)

    Thanks again for showing us the way if we are brave enough!



    1. Hi Jean,

      How have you been? Silly as it seems, you could do these workouts with a dumbbell if you liked?
      The principle is the same. I’m also impressed that you have been working out too, this is great news. I know you said you had done in the past, but to keep it going is very impressive indeed…Keep at it!

      I don’t think you necessarily have to get a kettlebell, just use what you have as it sounds like its working.

      I also think your being too hard on yourself as you could do these workouts I’m sure of it.

      Anyway, great to hear from you and keep up the great work!

      All the best.

  3. Great videos on what to do and how to use kettlebells properly. I have sagging underarms and I have noticed a difference already. Thank you for so. much.

    1. Yvonne,

      I hope you are well? its great to hear from you. It pleases me no end to hear you have been participating in my workouts and have found them not only useful, but helpful in the definition of your arms.

      Really this is brilliant news and please keep at it and let me know how you get on, as I would love to hear more about your fitness journey!

      All the best.

  4. Hi Lee,

    This looks like a really difficult exercise. From how you describe it I believe this will be highly beneficial. It’s just getting around to doing it, and keep the discipline.

    I haven’t been exercising as much over the last few weeks because things have been getting on top of me. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I do feel a bit stressed about it.

    Exercise will help relieve that stress, so I am going to do my best to get back into the exercising. If I need your help then I will get in touch with you, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing this and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi mate,

      Hope you are well? You are correct when you say these exercises will be beneficial and you do have to step up that discipline to maintain a good level of fitness.
      I also know it has been a challenging time for people to get the motivation to keep on that fitness path. With everything opening up now and the weather hopefully picking up too, that it gives everyone the motivation to get that body back to where they want it to be ASAP!

      Mate, please if you ever need to chat for fitness or anything get in touch. I know things can feel like they are getting on top of you at times, I find meditation really resets my mind and helps when I feel things are too much. Work can be difficult, we all know this.

      Keep your chin up and stay in touch mate. Id love to hear how your getting on with things.

  5. I love how you incorporate one arm training into your routine. I recently started doing that as well, and it has significantly improved my strength and even evened it out on both arms.

    I used to feel like my right hand was more dominant, but now it’s pretty much the same, honestly.

    I’ve been following you for quite a while now, and you’re unquestionably one of the biggest kettlebell fanatics I’ve seen.

    Love your content, bud! Keep it up.


    1. Hi mate,

      I think its very important to train both sides of your body to individually, even though it feels uncomfortable to do so to start with. However, you will soon feel the benefits soon after. Theres nothing worse than being one sided and it be obvious when you train.

      I’m so glad that you have been keeping tabs on the site and the exercises I have been doing mate.

      I have been trying to build up a catalogue of workouts that are different but still work the body as it should be intended, with functional movements and mobility.
      Its great to hear your seeing improvements in your lesser arm with these exercises, I always try to keep a balance with all the workouts I do.

      Please keep in touch and stay tuned for more workouts to come mate.

      Speak soon.

  6. Lee, great kettlebell workout compilation you have put together here! On a different note …. The CBD balm stick advertised in the article really caught my eye as quite an interesting, yet peculiar product. Can you explain in a nutshell how does this product work? Many thanks!

  7. Shoulder day has always been my favorite. I am back working out again, have recovered enough from my arm injury. Keeping it light weight for now as still feeling the soreness from time to time. I have been using my dumbells for the moment but man I am really considering adding the kettlebell to my workout equipment and mixing and matching exercises. Really great training man. Cheers

    1. Hi Rob,

      Good to hear you are on the mend. Steady but consistent work is in order. Don’t over do it and I would definitely recommend getting a KB.

      They are great for working various muscle groups at one time and it will do wonders for your rotator cuff, just be careful!

      Please stop by again with your progress pal.

      All the best.

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