Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 2 – Arm Annihilation!

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Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 2 – Arm Annihilation!

Were back once again with another upper body kettlebell workout to get you burning some hard calories and get you in shape, ready for when everything opens back up again after lock down finally ends!

After the success of the first upper body kettlebell workout, we decided that we should make more to complement the previous workout we did. Not just that, we decided to turn it into a series.

Giving Them What They Want

The popularity of kettlebells have sky rocketed since the original lock down, when gyms closed their doors for what they thought would be a month or so (well, my initial thoughts).

How wrong I was!

Here we are, a year later still battling to peel ourselves off the sofa to stay healthy and keep that muffin top at bay. As I was saying…the popularity of kettlebells has gone crazy, this is mainly due to the fact they are highly versatile and you can work the entire body with just one piece of kit.

One piece of kit that will show you no mercy if you take them too lightly, with either and object getting damaged or even yourself when not handling these pieces of kit with respect.

Tame The Beast

What we have done on this workout is to focus once again on the upper body, this workout will last around 20 minutes, with each exercise lasting one minute with a break of fifteen seconds in between.

With the workout being a circuit and having two rounds of action to satisfy your kettlebell needs.

There are 7 spectacular exercises here that will have you begging for the workout to end (especially your arms), as this one is a killer.

Remembering that we are all at different levels of fitness, it’s not a competition, so always just work within your capabilities. Always push yourself, but never too far, particularly when using kettlebells people.

Exercise Briefing

Like the previous workout we did on the upper body, this one uses the kettlebell in unconventional ways, don’t be concerned, as there are still some conventional exercises here…

However, I have tried to use the kettlebell differently to other workouts, by using it for functional movements that compliment the way the body moves, rotates and pivots.

The six exercises we have on offer here are as follows:

  1. Deadlift to overhead lift
  2. Boat hold and press
  3. Low row side step, press out, up and over
  4. Golf swing
  5. Suitcase curl
  6. Steering Wheel

Lets look a little more in depth at the exercises in question or if you preferred, simply click on the image below to follow along with this workout in real time!

Deadlift To Overhead Raise

This is a typical deadlift exercise that requires you to stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with the kettlebell on the floor in front of you between your legs.

Bend down using your lower back while keeping your legs in the same position and lift the kettlebell up off the floor using your lower back to do so. Once you are standing straight with the kettlebell between your legs, lift it up keeping your arms straight till the kettlebell is above your head. Then lower it down to the ground, then repeat exercise.

Muscles worked – Latissimus dorsi and Teres Major (upper back), Trapizius (traps), Thoracolumbar Fascia (lower back).

Boat Hold and Press

This is a great exercise for the core. Sit on the floor with your legs together and knees bent, take the kettlebell and hold it to your chest. Lean back and raise legs off the floor at 45 degree angle, hold the position there, then press the kettlebell out parallel with your legs, then pull back in to your chest. Repeat the press while holding legs in position for duration of exercise.

Muscles worked – Entire core, abdominal, chest and front deltoids (shoulders).

Low Row Side Step, Press Out, Up and Over

Stand with your front leg bent and you’re trailing leg straight back, with the kettlebell between your legs, Lean over as if you were doing a low row with the kettlebell, as you pull the kettlelbell up to your chest, explode up and switch leg positions while grabbing kettlebell with both hands by the horns.

Press the kettlebell out, then back to your chest, then press out above your head and then back in to your chest, then press above your head again then lower behind your head for a triceps curl.

Lower the kettlebell back to the ground and then repeat exercise, after timer ends, switch sides.

Muscles worked – upper and lower back, chest, front and middle deltoids and core.

Golf Swing

Hold the kettlebell by the horns but upside down, here we are imitating a golf swing, but we are moving the kettlebell slowly and controlled. We are not swinging it like a pendulum.

Start by rotating to your right, as you would swing a golf club and lifting the kettlebell in a sweeping motion with your arms extended and lifting the back heel off the floor. Raise the kettlebell until it reaches your shoulders and hold to the side of your temple.

Slowly swing the kettlebell back down to the centre of your body and then follow the motion of the kettlebell slowly and swing it to the left. As you do so remember to rotate your body, raise your back foots heel off the ground and swing the kettlebell up level to your face on the left side of your temple.

Swing the kettlebell back down to your waist and repeat for duration of exercise.

Muscles worked – Forearms, biceps, back, shoulders, upper back and entire core.

Suitcase Curl

This involves simply holding the kettlebell as you would a bag by your side.

Lift the kettlebell by doing a hammer curl up to your shoulder and then slowly lower back down to your side. Repeat this for duration of exercise and then switch sides.

Muscles worked – forearms, biceps and core.

Steering Wheel

This is another simple exercise in principle, however takes grit and determination after all the other exercises.

Hold the kettlebell by the horns and then hold it out in front of you with your arms straight, then turn the kettlebell to the right in a “steering wheel motion” and then turn it to the left. Repeat this for the duration of the exercise.

Muscles worked – front deltoids, core, forearms, biceps and triceps.

Wrapping it up

OK, so you have done one round, better suck it up and get ready for round two!

If you have tried this upper body kettlebell workout and found it useful, then please comment below and let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them. If you wanted to get your hands on a new kettlebell or have never had one, then click here to get yours now.

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18 thoughts on “Upper Body Kettlebell Workout Series Part 2 – Arm Annihilation!

  1. Hey,

    This is such an inspirational article for me. I have been doing my best to exercise during lockdown at home. I have done pretty well, but as you know we can always do better. I got myself a kettlebell late last year and I’ve only been doing one exercise with it really, and I haven’t looked at doing any more until now.

    Looking at the pictures on your article, it looks like a very tough exercise. But, I can see how it will benefit me a lot more than the current exercises I am doing.

    I will make a start on this tomorrow night (beginning of the week) and I will let you know how I get on. If I have any burning questions then I will get in touch, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      How you been?
      Glad you enjoyed the workout here, what I’m trying to do with the workouts are utilising movements which compliment the way the body moves mechanically.

      I’m doing so, some of the exercises are a little different to the normal kettlebell swinging moves that you see.

      Make sure you check out our other workouts in the kettlebell series and let me know how you get on?

      By all means, let me know how you get on and I’d be happy to help should you have any questions.

      One last thing…have you subscribed yet? Make sure you do to receive exclusive channel content.

      Keep pushing forward and leading by example my friend.

      Always a pleasure.


  2. In this article, you talk about kettlebell exercises. we have one of these balls to exercise with, we use it all the time. While using CBD to recover and do not use it during.
    We take a shower and relax with infused CBD bath bombs and then vape afterward. Creating a relaxed state of mind and none sore muscles. Going to share with others we know that workout and use CBD to recover.


    1. Hi both,

      I hope you are well? You have a slam ball that you use? They are great pieces of kit also.

      As you do, I take CBD after to recover, it also helps me with my sleep too. If I ever tweak a muscle, I will rub on some CBD cooling balm to help it heal quicker too.

      Having a relaxed state of mind is definitely required after a workout.

      Please share the workout and others to people you think will enjoy them.

      Have you subscribed yet?

      Your support is really appreciated.


  3. Great article. I learn better by listening or reading so your descriptions on how to do each exercise was right on point and perfect for me. The youtube videos are also great to reference. These really give a great upper body workout. Normally I would be dreading the workout knowing I will be sore tomorrow but your line of CBD really helps with any post workout soreness. I’ve been taking CBD for 3 years and can’t live without it. Now that I’m 51 years old I can tell a huge difference every morning when I wake up and especially after a big workout or a long bike ride. Keep the articles coming! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi mate,

      Good to hear from you!

      Glad you liked the article, also glad you found the follow along instructions useful too.

      I have been taking CBD for over a year and it has worked wonders with me.

      From recovery, to rest with my sleep and also my mood is always very level, calm and relaxed.

      Theres no denying CBD has amazing effects for post therapy requirements.

      if you wanted to get your hands on what I use click here.

      Stay tuned for more workouts and more sport related CBD products mate.

      Till next time pal.

      All the best.


  4. Haha! Loved the video. Good job mate.

    I tend to do yoga and other body weight exercises to keep fit and build a little muscle.

    I’ve never been into lifting weights because I always found the repetitive nature of it and the limited range of motion to boring. However, I’m loving the range of motions you are getting with this kettlebell. It’s got to be so good for our bodies.

    What weight are you using? I guess like anything, starting smaller and building up as we develop strength and coordination is the best way to go?

    Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to the next video 🙂

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Glad you liked the video mate, I am the same as you with regards to fitness.

      I do lots of yoga, mobility exercises that incorporate functional fitness.

      However, Kettlebells give you a fabulous workout with just one piece of kit.

      As you mentioned, I have tried to change the exercises here, to allow for more functional movements and mobility movements.

      For the video I used a 8kg, but when I workout off camera, I use 16kg KB. I dont need to go heavier as this weight for me is perfect for a real workout that will have me panting like a dog afterwards.

      If you are unfamiliar with kettlebells, then please start off light and work your way up. Its amazing how a light KB can really test you after its been used for a period of time on a workout.

      Please check out some of our other workouts, theres all sorts to choose from.

      Till next time, take care mate.


  5. Hi Lee,
    Do kettles work better for the upper body or just plain ol’ weights? I have been working with 8-10 kg weights, but I see no major change in the last month or so.

    1. Hi Ron,

      Kettlebells can work the entire body better if you are looking to work more muscle groups in one exercise.

      They are more isometric as oppose to compound exercises. Which translates to the above comment.

      Weights will do the same job in principle, however, if you have a KB it will be worth using over a dumbbell as its properly balanced for swinging and flipping.

      With regards to weights and hypertrophy, it can take time, you will build muscle lifting heavier for less reps. You just have to be careful with how you go about it if you arent familiar with lifting heavy.

      I dont really lift heavy anymore, as I have no desire to get bigger. Im happy to maintain how I am with lighter weights with higher reps.

      For someone who isn’t as strong and getting into exercise, I would recommend resistance bands.

      They will help build strength by getting you to start lightly and work up from there.

      Stick at it, it will be worth it. If you need any tips or pointers, please get in touch.

      Speak soon Ron.

  6. Hey Lee

    These are absolutely brilliant. The video is a really good addition – that looked tough!

    I like the steering wheel and suitcase curl the best. I’m not sure about the golf swing (as I have a history of a dodgy back).

    Confession, I still haven’t got a kettle bell. What would be the right sort of weight for someonelike me? (i.e. I won’t see 21, 31, 41 or 51 again.) My dumbbells are 3.5kg (but they are a bit heavy) if that helps!

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Jean,
      I hope you are well?

      Glad you enjoyed the workout, I always try and do different exercises to the norm.

      If you are prone to getting a bad back, with any of these exercises you could just move as if you were holding a kettlebell for the golf swing, just so you get the rotation of your spine without the extra weight.

      Always be sure to take your time though.

      You can get 2kg kettlebells, which would do a great job.

      However, for someone who considers the weights you mentioned a little heavy for them, I would recommend either doing the exercises without any weights or simply using things like tins of beans will be more than enough to push you that little bit harder once you are happy with the progression of using nothing.

      I hope this helps?

      Let me know how you get on.

  7. Man I am loving these posts. Now I have to start not just reading them but getting into action. lol

    I messed my arm up out snowmobiling, pulled to heard on the sled to get it out from being stuck, think I strained something in my arm, so nursing that back, but when it is feeling better I want to get back at the workouts.

    I have never done kettlebell work outs.

    So talk to me about the kettlebell itself. Do you recommend just getting one or a set of different weights?

    Thanks man

    1. Hi Rob,

      Sorry to hear about the arm. Its amazing the amount of times I have done that, just doing a standard task and I pull a muscle or tweak something.

      Its frustrating, hang on in there though mate as it will heal in time.

      The best thing to do with kettlebells would be to get one for now. I would go with between 6kg – 8kg if you have never used.

      It doesn’t sound that heavy, but when you start using it, it will soon feel heavier for sure.

      Once you are happy getting used to how they feel, move with the exercises and you are comfortable with completing workouts, then upgrade to a heavier one.

      I personally have an 8kg, 10kg and 16kg. That is enough for me.

      Plus you can use them all on different exercises if one felt too heavy or light. Check these ones.

      I hope this has helped mate.

      Get well soon and get swinging!

      Have a great Easter.

  8. I have never used the Kettlebell for workouts. The only thing I have seen kettlbell being used for was to carry them around the track in the gym. I did see one person use them for curls but that was it.
    I had no idea there was so much you could do with a kettlebell. Those exercises in the video are an awesome way to build up the shoulder area and for developing muscle in areas to help in an area like golf, hockey or even working around the home. I tried it with a 10lb weight to see the effects and wow, it’s amazing. I need to get myself some of those kettlebells. Thanks so much for the tips.

    1. Hi Rick,

      I must admit, quite a few people are not familiar with kettlebells or what you can do with them.

      They are a great way to work various parts of the body with one piece of kit.

      They are a very versatile and are my go to piece of equipment.

      As you say, they are great for developing muscles for those that play certain sports. As a lot of the exercises involve functional fitness, which means they work the body in ways you would complete tasks with.

      Let me know how you get on with them if you get one. Or as you also said, use a dumbbell for now and get used the the movements of the exercises.

      Either way you’ll get a great workout.

      So stay tuned for more workouts and fitness news mate.

      Take care.

  9. I just finished part 1 yesterday, and all I can say is WOW, what a workout. You’ve chosen the exercises wisely, which speaks quite a lot about your experience and knowledge.

    I’m about to do part 2 today and see how I feel. In the meantime, I’m eagerly waiting for part 3 to come out. Thanks for the training. Loved it and I’ll certainly be coming back for more.


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