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Have you ever wondered what a middle-aged man does every morning to get ready? Probably not hey!

However, we thought we would do a get ready with me video for you (GRWM), just so you could get a glimpse into the daily life of someone who isn’t afraid to add a lotion or eye cream if it’s required (you go girl!).

You will be familiar with me…Lee (from Sport CBDs) and my pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle by now – or not if it’s your first time here, then welcome – and that living this lifestyle means not just exercising regularly, but also looking after yourself by keeping your skin and body healthy too.

Influences Imprinted

When I was the spritely age of 17 or 18 years old, I watched a movie called “American Psycho” which was based on the cult classic novel written by Bret Easton Ellis.

Now, it’s not the sinister and macabre antics of Patrick Bateman that made an impression on me…it was the way he looked after himself.

The deep pore cleansers, anti aging eye balm and the protective lotions he used to keep his skin soft and smooth. Ever since I saw this I have made a point of looking after myself in this way too, not to the extremities Patrick went, but to make sure I always made an effort to look my best and keep my skin and body looking and feeling as good as possible.

Getting Ready With Me

Let’s fast-forward over twenty-five years and see that I still try to look after myself as much as possible, especially now I’m 41 years old and my skin and body are on the decline. Not that I’m an old saggy back of bones, but it’s still important to me to keep on top of my skin health.

In this post I will be going over what I do in the mornings to get ready on a daily basis, this will include exfoliation, lotions and potions!

If you would like to watch me getting ready with grooming hints and tips, then please click on the image below to watch the video.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

So where do we begin? Let’s start with the shower and what I normally do day to day. On three days a week I use an exfoliating hydrating scrub on the face.

This is great for keeping my face fresh and soft, while the exfoliation helps remove dirt and dead skin cells that build up through the day and week.

I never rub too hard as I don’t want to damage the skin and irritate it. This has happened on the odd occasion, so always make sure you rub softly when applying an exfoliation product the face.

I also use an exfoliation mit on my body for the same reason as the face…to keep my torso smooth and fresh, I simply apply a bog standard shower gel to the mitt and it lathers up nicely.

I then turn the shower off, so that I make sure I exfoliate every inch of my body, again taking time to rub the skin and but not too aggressively that it is painful.

I didn’t wash my hair on this occasion, as I will leave this for another post, along with any grooming requirements like chest hair and man scaping.

After exfoliating all over my body, including between my tootsies (toes) then I will turn the shower back on and rinse all the bubbles and soap off.

Shower done, now on to the next stage.


It Puts The Lotion In The Basket

I will quickly dry myself head to toe then begin to try to make myself presentable for the day ahead. The first thing I do is to clean my teeth, this has been a tricky one for me for as long as I can remember as I suffer with sensitive teeth, so I have to be careful about what products I use, as anyone who suffers with sensitive teeth will tell you that it’s a very painful sharp feeling that could have you blubbing like a child.

Recently I have been using a toothpaste from Marvis, which is an Italian brand that I’m not familiar with but tastes and feels amazing.

It’s a little more expensive than normal toothpaste, but I don’t thing I will use anything else after this. I don’t have any sensitivity issues and the flavour is beautiful (as far as flavours go). I also use a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush which I have used for a good while now and it does a great job of keeping my camel teeth clean and healthy.

After my teeth it’s time to apply my lotions, I use Hawkins & Brimble skin balancing moisturizer. It’s dairy free and suitable for vegans, has no colourants and free from mineral oils. I apply two squirts to my face and press lightly while I rub on my skin. Then apply another two squirts to my beard and neck.

Next, I will moisturize my body with an aloe Vera based lotion, I suffer with dry skin, so have to moisturize daily, if not every other day. This isn’t down to vanity, if I don’t do this I get itchy skin that feels uncomfortable throughout the day.

Hair Care

The final step for me is obviously my barnet, this normally is a case of rubbing some product in my hands and running it through my hair. I use Uppercut deluxe pomade – strong hold. This works great and holds my hair well, It gives it that “1950s Barber shop” look.

My hair is slicked back and this product works well to hold my hair through a demanding day of sitting in an office. If I have to go outside and use the forklift, I know my locks are not going to falter and ill still have that “barber shop” finish.

I will add a roll on deodorant and a subtle Cologne, like a Chanel Bleu or Invictus by Paco Rabanne, then I’m ready to attack the day and face whatever challenge comes my way.

Bring It On

So there you have it, that’s my very glamorous daily routine for getting ready. It’s not exactly to Patrick Batemans standards, however, his influence has still stayed with me through all these years and the movie still makes me smile, every time he introduces himself in the film.

If you have enjoyed this get ready with me post and found it useful, then please comment below and let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them.

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13 thoughts on “GRWM – Getting Ready To Attack The Day!

  1. We get up in the morning and make coffee and put CBD in this to start our day off right. I vape CBD, so this is before I start my daily workout routine and then to the computer. The computer is the stress and that’s why I use vape juice to ease this. This article does help with making good routines and good habits.


    1. Hi,

      Glad this article helps with ideas and good habits for people to try in the morning.

      Once you get into the swing of things, it becomes second nature really and you don’t look at it as a big deal.

      Thanks for stopping by guys.

  2. American Psycho great movie man! Have not seen it in years, will have to watch it again. But I do recall him taking care of himself, wild movie, he is a heck of an actor also, always gets into his character big time.

    Great tips on taking care of yourself man. I am now 46 and there is no question that thoughts of looking after myself better come to mind a lot more then they used to. The years fly by man.

    Really enjoy your blog and always get some great tips. Keep up the great work.


    1. Hi mate,

      Glad you enjoyed the tips on taking care of yourself. As you said…when we get older you have to think more about looking after yourself, as oppose to when you are younger and feel bullet proof!

      There’s no shame in moisturising and a little pamper goes a long way.


      Christian Bale is a legend! great actor and everything he is in is always worth watching.

      Thanks for stopping by mate.

  3. It is great to have a morning routine & have little time to take care of your face. I will also start trying this and see what will happen. I know that the Philips Sonicare toothbrush is a great toothbrush.

    keep the great work,


    1. Hi Venche,

      glad you liked the morning routine here. Once you get into the swing of it, it becomes second nature and you do it on auto pilot.

      As you get “more mature” shall we say, its important to take care of yourself even more.

      Look after your health and your body will look after you.

      A good pamper goes a long way and is good for the soul too.

      The Sonicare toothbrush is a brilliant piece of kit and are well worth the money.

      Thanks pal.

  4. I have always taken care of myself with respect to eating and exercising. Being in the military you have to do the norm of clean-shaven and hair cut however noting to the extent of what you do. Now I am 60 I feel and look great and no one can even guess my age, they are always off by 10 to 12 years younger so taking care of yourself does work. Thanks for the tips, I just may start some of those. I have not watched the American Psycho so perhaps it’s time for that as well. cheers

    1. Hi Rick,

      good to hear from you. I cant stress enough how important I think it is to look after yourself.

      I also know how the military are very strict with presentation, I have a friend who told me how everything had to be clean and tidy.

      I also have the same thing with people guessing my age…I’m lucky that I look a little younger than my years.

      Glad you found the tips helpful…I may have to come to you for some grooming tips as I “mature” shall we say. haha.

      Keep in touch pal.

  5. Hey Lee

    No wonder you always look hot to trot! (Definitely not a saggy bag of bones lol.)

    Did you know that the best time to exfoliate (face and body) is at night? The reason for this is that your skin repairs itself overnight and you will get the best result!

    Also, the best thing to do is rub your exfoliator onto dry skin then get in the shower. (Thanks to Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to the stars for this tip!)

    Thanks for sharing your routine. I agree it does you good to take care of yourself. (Can’t wait to get my hair cut on 7th May!)



    1. Hi Jean,

      How are you?

      thanks for your comments…you are too kind!

      The tips you have mentioned here are great! I’m going to give them a try myself, thanks!

      Blimey, having to wait till May for your haircut? That’s ages away! hope you can hold on till then.

      Always great to chat and please stop by again.

  6. It’s so good to see a guy writing about body care, health care and good looks. And you sure are one handsome hunk yourself.
    Thank u for all the tips. I love the stuff about CBD armour.
    A. Bansal

  7. Great post! Very enjoyable read and lots of great tips. I never would have thought to turn the shower off while exfoliating. Now only is it earth friendly but you can see what’s been scrubbed and what’s not. BRILLIANT TIP! I’ll be looking for more articles from you. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Hope your keeping well mate?

      Glad you enjoyed the read. I know some men are reluctant to admit or consider a health routine with lotions etc.

      However, theres no denying that you must take care of yourself after the age of 40 in particular.

      As we all know the body starts to break down in your early 30s. I try to stay in good all-round condition.

      I hope this post and video help and make other men realise its ok to put on a little lotion and exfoliate.

      Speak soon pal.

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