Upper Body Kettlebell Exercises – Beginners program – Building Strength.


Upper Body Kettlebell Exercises – Beginners program – Building Strength.

As we reach the fourth and final part of this upper body kettlebell workout program, its time to use what we have learnt in the previous three routines and smash this workout out the park!

If you wanted to go back and check out what we have done in the previous three workouts, then click here to see for yourself.

What we are doing today is increase the reps from the last three workouts and then add extra exercises to the mix.

Working through these routines in order if you are new to kettlebells will help you gain a great understanding of using kettlebells as well as improve your strength, cardiovascular output and endurance for the weeks and months ahead when training, either here or on the YouTube channel!

Always remember that when exercising with kettlebells or any other fitness equipment, is that you don’t rush any movements and never compromise your form and posture for the sake of speed. It’s not the Cross Fit Championship, so no need to go “hell for leather” as they used to say.

Although kettlebell training is a form of ballistic exercise and requires you to explode with speed at points, there’s a difference between explosion and rushing, so remember that and good luck!

Todays Workout Details

What we have for you today is 10 exercises that work the entire upper body and build on what has been done in the last three workouts.

Here are the exercises on offer today:

  • One arm Swing x 40 Reps
  • Windmill x 15 Reps on each side
  • Snatch x 20 Reps on each side
  • Deadlift & upright row x 30 Reps
  • One arm Row x 20 Reps on each side
  • Curl, press & tricep x 20 Reps
  • One arm pull x 20 Reps on each side
  • One arm press x 30 Reps on each side
  • Lateral swing x 20 Reps on each side
  • Halo x 20 Reps

As you can see from the exercises above, you are getting a great upper body workout that will take you around 30 minutes to complete and will burn around 410 calories.

If you have taken part in the other workouts in the series, you will have noticed the extra exercises over the workouts be increased along with the number of reps on all the exercises.

I have included the “Halo” exercise to this routine and this will have your arms and shoulders burning by the end of the workout for sure!

If you have read this far, then why not follow along with me and do the workout in realtime? Click on the video below to get started!

If you enjoyed this, then please try some of the other workouts over at the YouTube channel.

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Always remember that if the workout is too challenging and you’re finding it difficult to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise to your fitness level.

If you enjoyed this workout then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 40 workouts which include the use of kettlebellsresistance bandsdumbbells and even body weight exercises too. 

Don’t forget, I will be adding more workouts weekly to help you stay fit and healthy at home with just the use of a kettlebell.

With workouts of all types, for all fitness levels. You know that we have you covered, so stay tuned for more.

Keep practising this workout and increase those reps until the next workout drops in a weeks time. You won’t regret it!

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Until next time, all the best…

Beginners Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Lee – Sport CBDs

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