Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Review – Tension Prevention

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Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Review – Tension Prevention

Ask anyone with a bit of knowledge on fitness how important it is to have, do or get regular maintenance on your body to help maintain and prevent injuries from occurring, even occurring repeatedly. If you can’t afford regular sports massages or you may not want them and you workout often, it’s definitely worth considering some kind of percussion massager to help relieve tension in tight muscles all over your body.

Product Overview

Brand: Naipo

Product: Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

Price: £29.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Functions: 5 modes and Various speeds

Features: Variety of different heads and Docking Station

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Massaging The Figures

If you are in the market for a percussion massager you may want to consider the “Naipo Handheld Deep Tissue Massager” as a way to compliment your fitness regime or as muscle therapy for an injury. The massager is 40cm in length and weighs 800g, it comes in a sleek black design and is cordless with various extras that include five interchangeable heads (more on these later), a docking station and a power cable. It can be used for a single period of 20 minutes before it automatically turns off (to prevent overheating they say).

It is relatively quiet and has five different modes of massage and five levels of intensity, with over three hours of use without the need to charge. It has a good handle for gripping and they say you could carry it in your handbag? However, I can’t really see anyone doing this unless it’s in your gym bag maybe?


Percussion massager

Good Vibrations – In Depth

OK, so Let’s take a closer look at this…

Firstly I will say that this is a real massager and not one of those “massagers” that you find in some Sunday paper supplements that are basically vibrators, I have been caught out with one before, when I say caught out I mean that I bought one for massage therapy, only to find it was better used in an adult film (Apologies for lowering the tone so early).

It was quickly returned unused and in original packaging. As mentioned it’s a percussion massager and this means the head of the massager works by very quickly moving in and out to create a piston like motion as opposed to simply vibrating as other products do. With the various settings and speeds you can get a good deep tissue massage by working it around any specific area and finding the right spot.

I suffer with my hamstrings, groin and IT band, so this is really helpful for that. You can put a little pressure on the area in question but not too much, as I find the weight of the massager is enough to get into those tight spots.

You kind of feel like Master Chief from Halo holding this, as it resembles some of the weaponry from the Xbox games back in the day (pointless observation for you there). The handle as mentioned has a good grip and you have no problem holding it. Another bonus is that you don’t get any vibrations gripping it while it’s on which is good, as I have found that some of these can give you that carpal tunnel numbing sensation holding them.

As mentioned, it comes with five different heads for use all over the body. I’ll run through the different heads supplied and what they do:Percussion massager

4 finger massage node – this is meant to mimic the touch of fingers

Percussion massager

Curved massage node – for use on arms, thighs, calves, shoulder and neck

Percussion massager

Trigger point massage node – good for pin point massage on the back and legs

Percussion massager

Intensive massage node – it covers larger areas with its triangular head for the legs and back

Percussion massager

3 point round massage node – works well on soles of feet, legs and back



The docking station is a nice touch to store the massager and heads, the only problem is that it doesn’t charge it, but you can simply plug it in to the massager itself while docked. Plus not all the heads fit on the dock, so pick your favorite three! The thing I like about it being docked is that you can just grab it while passing and work on a bit of tension whenever, as the design promotes it to be grabbed in the dock I feel, as opposed to it being stored in a case.

Percussion Massager

Issue With Tissue – Pros & Cons

The thing I like about this product is that you can massage your own back with ease, as it can reach anywhere without straining. As massage guns are great, but you can’t really reach your back and that was a big thing for me. The battery life is decent and allows for a good amount of use before the need to charge. With the variety of heads included you can chop and change them for any muscular occasion. I think it’s a good quality product and very well priced, considering some massage guns can cost hundreds of pounds/dollar’s. Its easy to use and does a good job on any part of the body. The different modes work well with a variety of different pulse settings.

The one thing I would say could be improved on is the material of the heads, they are OK and work fine, but I would have liked at least one head that was a hard rubber as all the heads are made of a hard plastic material. The percussion depth could have been a little longer also, but then if they did that the massager could bounce on the body and potentially cause further injury or damage, the design of the massager doesn’t warrant it as guns do.

Percussion massager

The verdict

For the price I would recommend this to anyone looking for a percussion massager at a very reasonable price, that will do the job without spending hundreds on it. Don’t get me wrong, some massage guns out there are very good and work wonders for athletes around the world on their recovery and injuries. As an entry level percussion massager this is worth purchasing.




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9 thoughts on “Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Review – Tension Prevention

  1. Hello, Great article you have here, I would like to try this Naipo Handheld percussion massager, it look like very good thing to have when sore musle but when you get old too, you need something like that
    thank you

    1. Hi Lyne,

      I couldn’t agree more in that one of these would be handy even if you weren’t keeping fit but needed something to help regular aches and pain in your back or anywhere else that causes you problems.

  2. Hey Lee,

    i did not know such things existed! Would it work on tennis elbow? I have tried everythigng else for mine including steroid injections which worked for about 3 days. If so, it would definitely be worth £30!



    1. Hi Jean,

      Hope you are well? I think this could help with tennis elbow but you would still need to maintain the physiotherapy you have been doing and stimulate the area with heat by resting a hot water bottle on it.

      I had TE a while back, very frustrating and painful injury.

      Hope this helps.

  3. O I love this. My wife has been having some back issues so I think this would help with that and her hands. Pretty impressive.

  4. Really helpful article, being a fitness freak I regularly go for massages to help my muscles recover. Since lock down this was not possible, would love to consider this as an alternative. I do think it would be more cost effective.

  5. I’ve actually been looking for a new hand-held massager. I just bought a cheaper one from a pharmacy, but it doesn’t work any more. This one looks really good and seems like a good price. Thanks for a great review!

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