EMOM Full Body Kettlebell workout – 15 Minutes – No Repeat – No13


EMOM Full Body Kettlebell workout – 15 Minutes – No Repeat – No13

Last time we worked through an isolated chest and triceps workout, which was a great routine if you wanted to work those specific areas on their own.

To try it CLICK HERE.

This time, I have opted for a more traditional full body EMOM workout.

As ever, this routine will give you a great total body workout, with no repeated exercises all within 15 minutes! Not bad at all.

What I have done, as ever is mix classic kettlebell exercises with some alternative ones, to make the most out of those functional movements with the kettlebell.

You will know by now, that I’m a massive fan of EMOM workouts, especially with a kettlebell…

Every Minute On The Minute

EMOM, or every minute on the minute workouts are a simple and effective way to put in a lot of work in a short amount of time.

An EMOM can be performed for any length of time. This structure allows people to get creative with their workouts and easily scale them to be more difficult as your fitness level increases.

Kettlebell workouts go well with this type of training in my humble experience. 

So, what’s on the menu today I hear you ask?

Workout Specifics

The routine today has a total of 13 exercises for you to workout through, with no repeated exercises either.

We are doing as many controlled reps as possible within the 40 second period, then resting for 20 seconds.

This is a 15 minute workout, which will give you a full body workout and burn around 300 calories.

The exercises in the routine today are as follows:

  • Hips up pull over
  • Thruster
  • Snatch x 2
  • Gorilla row
  • Squat swing
  • Windmill x 2
  • Standing Press
  • Hip tap rotation
  • Horse posture curl
  • Feet Up Press
  • Lateral lunge and press
  • Deadlift and upright row
  • Kettlebell press

Note: Exercises x 2 is performed for 40 seconds on one side of the body, then repeated on the other side for 40 seconds.

As you can see, some of these exercises are working the entire body with a single movement, which ticks all the boxes and will give you a great workout in the process.

It’s easy to forget what you can do with a single kettlebell. This kettlebell workout is great for any fitness level.

No matter the weight, you can squat, hinge, row, push, press and swing through almost any exercise, while getting a heavy sweat on all with one moderate-to-heavy Kettlebell.

If you’re finding it difficult to get enough rest between exercises here, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise to your fitness level.

As you know, I always recommend warming up before working out, so if you check out the video below it will take you to my 15 minute morning stretching routine.

Once you have warmed up and you are ready to go, let’s get on with the workout.

If you want to follow along in real time with this workout then please click on the image below.

Workouts This Way…

If you enjoyed this, then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 60 workouts which include the use of kettlebellsresistance bandsdumbbells and even body weight exercises too. 

Don’t forget, I will be adding more workouts weekly to help you stay fit and healthy at home with just the use of a kettlebell.

With workouts of all types, for all fitness levels. You know that we have you covered, so stay tuned for more.

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Until next time, all the best…

Beginners Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Lee – Sport CBDs

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