Chest and Tricep Workout – 6 Superb Starter Exercises!

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Chest and Tricep Workout – 6 Superb Starter Exercises!

Here we are again, another day doing the same thing you did the day before and the day before that…

You think back to those giddy summer days two years ago, where you were rubbing shoulders with that drunk fool at the bar of that festival you attended and get that warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

Then you snap back to reality and realize those days seem a lifetime ago, do not fear though as the good times will be back and you’ll be back reciting Oasis lyrics with the random fellow you’ve met by the urinal soon enough, to celebrate being back to normal!

Enough about my day dreams for now and Let’s deal with the now, with nothing else to do at home after logging off from work in between home schooling, your going to need yet another home workout to get you through the evening.

Weight Plate Extorsion

As the cost of weights and gym equipment sky rocket similar to the levels of your favourite crypto currency, we need to look at other ways to keep that muffin top at bay without being ripped off by the cost of a £9 kettlebell costing you more than double, by doing another workout which involves ONLY using your own body weight.

Keep It Simple

What we have here is a chest and tricep workout which is very much tailored towards the beginner, this is due to the fact that everyone can do a push up, but everyone gets tired of doing them very quickly.

What I have done is put a workout together so that you are able to complete a workout without getting lactic acid overload, it will also help you increase your output of push-ups over a period of time.

The Workout

The workout will take under 10 minutes to complete if you only do one round of exercises. As with other workouts we have done here, I have done a circuit style plan, where we do one exercise then go on to the next.

Once you feel confidant enough with one round, then you can repeat the process for a second.

So what’s the secret here then? All the push-ups are done off our knees, what this does is reduce the amount of weight we are lifting and will help us increase the number of reps we are doing.

Every exercise is performed for 30 seconds (if you are able) and then we rest for 15 seconds and prepare for the next one.

List of exercises here:

  • push up
  • archer push up
  • diamond push up
  • incline box
  • decline box
  • box dips

If you prefer to watch the workout, simply click on the image below to watch the workout in real time.

Chest and tricep workout

Exercise 1 – Push Up – 30 seconds

Lay on your stomach with your arms level with your shoulders and your knees on the floor. Simply do a push up but with your knees on the ground, if you don’t have much strength then bend your legs up into the air so they will act as a counter weight and you won’t be lifting as much of your body weight.

If you are slightly stronger or more confident, then rest your legs on the floor and push up as you would a normal push up. Once you have extended your arms, hold for a second and then lower yourself back down so your chest is almost touching the floor, then repeat the exercise.

Exercise 2 – Archer Push Ups – 30 Seconds

This exercise may feel a little strange to those who aren’t used to it However, it’s a great exercise once you are used to the movement. Have your arms in a wide position and push up as you would a normal push up, remember your knees are still planted on the floor.

Then, turn your right wrist to point to 3 o’clock on a clock face, and lower down onto your left arm, while keeping your right arm straight. Push up with your left arm back to your start position and rotate your right-hand back to 12 o’clock and rotate your left hand to 9 o’clock, lower yourself down onto your right side and keep your left arm straight.

Push up off your right arm to the starting point and then repeat on the opposite side as before.

Chest and tricep workout
Use the palm of your hand to rotate into correct position here.

Exercise 3 – Diamond Push Ups – 30 Seconds

your hands on the mat/floor with your thumb and first finger touching to create a diamond shape with your hands. From this position we are pushing our body off the ground with our hands into a push up, while keeping our knees on the floor at all times.

Perform the push up with your hands in a diamond shape, this can occasionally feel uncomfortable if your hands are not positioned correctly, if this happens simply readjust and continue with exercise.

Exercise 4 – Incline Box Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Take a chair or box to use for this exercise around 40-50cm high if possible. Rest your knees on the box or chair and have your hands in a normal push up position. We are doing a push up as normal here, but with the angle our body is at it will work the top part of our chest more than a normal push up. Repeat exercise.

Exercise 5 – Decline Box Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Using the same box or chair but with this exercise we are going to be pushing off the box with our hands. Keeping your knees on the floor, hold on to the box by the sides and perform a regular push up, like the previous exercise we are working lower part of our chest here. Push off the box till your arms are straight and then bend elbows and lower yourself back down to the box, then repeat exercise.

Exercise 6 – Box Dips – 30 Seconds

Finally, we are going to be doing dips using the box. Place your hands either side of the box that is situated behind you. Have your legs out straight in front of you, then lower your body towards the floor as you bend your elbows behind you till they are 90 degrees. Then push up off the floor and straighten arms, repeat exercise.

Chest and tricep workout
Grip box or chair and have your legs straight


I know this isn’t the most advanced workout but it will help those who are looking to start exercising or those who want to work on increasing their output of reps to build their chest.

If you have tried this workout and found it helpful, please leave a comment below, as I would love to hear them.

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7 thoughts on “Chest and Tricep Workout – 6 Superb Starter Exercises!

  1. Hi Your post is very useful and informative.
    I have learned about different pushup workouts and chest exercises.
    Thanks for sharing this motivational post
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Saba,

      I hope you are well? Thanks for the kind words regarding this post. It was intended for those who are not familiar with exercising and wanting a basic workout to get them into working out or those who are easing themsleves back in after an injury.

      Glad you found it motivational, please check out some of our other workouts if you enjoyed this one –

      Till next time,

      Take care.

  2. These exercises bring back memories in the military. We would rotate around the gym on the sound of the whistle and stop at the next station. Perform our bench dips, push-ups, situps etc. At the sound of the whistle, we would do two laps of the gym and stop at the next station. I always enjoyed this exercise, it’s an excellent workout and it keeps things interesting.

    These exercises work very well and when you get better at it just don’t go to the knees and or try and do as many as you can in 30 or 60 seconds.

    You have convinced me to get back into working out, thank you. Do you have any exercises for the biceps?

    1. Hi Rick,

      How are you? Glad you liked the exercises in this post for chest & triceps. I tend to find working out in a circuit format to be beneficial to me and this type of training is my go to.

      I too like military drills and doing circuits.

      If you wanted to check out exercises for biceps, theres various workouts here for you to try with your body weight, resistaance bands or kettlebells.

      I hope these are of use to you.

      Thanks again mate, speak soon.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for sharing this insightful article about chest and tricep workout. I’m a total fitness beginner and these tips will help me a lot.

    Continue the great work


    1. Hi Arno,

      I hope you are well?

      Really glad you enjoyed the post…as I have mentioned, this was intended for those who are starting out on their fitness journey and I’m glad it was of use to you.

      Don’t forget to try out our other workouts on the site and YouTube channel also.

      Check back in sometime, as id love to hear how you are getting on.

      All the best.


  4. This is great man, I am book marking this and also your video. Checked out the actual video and really enjoyed it.

    I have a bench and dumbbells’ but have been looking for a weights free work out also.

    I have never heard tell of the archer push up before, looks interesting can’t wait to give it a try.

    Do you have similar exercises for the other body parts you can point me to?


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