Full Body Resistance Band Exercises – All Fitness Levels


Full Body Resistance Band Exercises – All Levels Welcome

Taking a time out from kettlebells this week.

I decided to compile a full body workout that was done solely with the use of a long resistance band.

I have used resistance bands quite frequently in the past and I found them great to exercise with.

The only reason I stopped using them regularly, was because they all pretty much snapped and I never got around to ordering more…

Until last week!

I had forgotten how fun it is to exercise with them and I will definitely be using them more in the future.

Todays Workout Details

Today I have put together a full body resistance band workout for you to enjoy. This workout is great for all levels of fitness and you can use various different bands of resistance if some exercises are too easy or hard.

The workout has 8 exercises in total and two of them are done for the duration of time on side of the body, then they are repeated on the other side.

The routine will take you 20 minutes to complete, we go for a two round circuit and you will burn around 250 – 290 calories depending on your fitness level, the resistance and the individual training.

What I have done here is to make use of the band to give you a full body workout, that will work all the major muscle groups within the time period.

I have done the workout as a circuit and as an EMOM style workout. What this means is “every minute on the minute.

This means you have 45 seconds to do as many controlled reps as possible, and then you get 15 seconds to rest, recover and prepare for the next exercise.

With all the routines I do, I try do do as many compound movements as possible. These are exercises which incorporate the use of multiple muscle groups at once. As oppose to isometric exercises which target a specific muscle group for the exercise.

As mentioned, the workout will take 20 minutes to complete and there is no rest in between, we go straight through to the second round.

Different Grips

Some of the exercises in the workout require a different grip depending on the exercise being performed.

I have used a thumb grip for one of the exercises (the band cross over), while I had the band in between the finger and thumbs for the pray curl and press.

I also use a conventional grip for some of the exercises too.

All of these are explained in the follow along workout I have done over on the YouTube channel.

List Of Exercises Today

Here is a list of the exercises I have done in this circuit:

  • Band Cross Over With Legs Raised
  • Pray Curl, Press & Squat Bent
  • Over Row Straight Leg Band Stretch With Rein Hold
  • Step Back Lunge & Triple Punch – on both sides
  • Lateral Deltoid Raise – on both sides
  • Squat & Tricep Curl
  • Band Deadlift

As you can see from the exercises above, you are getting a total body workout that will work all the major muscle groups within the time frame given.

I have used exercises that encourage functional fitness and mobility. These are exercises which will help the body move by doing movements that are done on a regular basis and also help the body move the way it’s supposed to regarding range of motion and movement.

If you want to follow along to this workout in realtime then please click on the image below.

If you enjoy this, then please try some of the other workouts over at the YouTube channel.

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Always remember that if the workout is too challenging and you’re finding it difficult to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise to your fitness level.

If you enjoyed this workout then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 40 workouts which include the use of kettlebellsresistance bandsdumbbells and even body weight exercises too. 

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Until next time, all the best…

Lee – Sport CBDs

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