10 EASY Tips On Keeping Positive Mental Attitude!


10 EASY Tips On Keeping Positive Mental Attitude!

Are you having a bad day?

Does nothing seem to be going right?

Do you have negative thoughts?

Do you feel down?

Today we’re going to be talking about having a positive mental attitude.

I know mental health is something that has been an issue for the last year for a lot of people, so I just thought I’d put a couple of things together that I do on a regular basis.

This follows on from a previous post I did on having a positive mental attitude.

I’ve not looked at any of the videos or any inspirational speakers are anything like that, as it is always something that I do now and help me have a positive outlook whatever the situation.

If you wanted to watch my video on how to have a positive mental attitude, then click on the image below.

1. Perspective

First of all perspective, the way you look at things and the way you think about things is a big deal with regards to having a positive mental attitude. Now, I always try and make the best of a situation…

For example – my partner was recently looking for some clothes, she spent all night looking for clothes on her phone. After around three hours she was huffing and puffing (like big bad wolf in Childs story) and said “that’s a complete waste of time…I have spent all night looking and I’ve not found anything”.

I then said “you could look at it like that, or you could look at it like you spent all that time researching, you now know what you want and when you look tomorrow, you’ll know exactly what to get as you have better idea now right?”

She then admitted this was a fair point – kind of a light bulb moment – and agreed this was the case.

2. Change Your Outlook

Always look at the good in any situation because its natural and easier to be negative straight away (it was for me anyway).

In the past, if someone had done something which was negative towards me or just be negative in themselves, I would instantly mirror this and attach my emotions to it.

The thing is, looking at things this way isn’t productive and can really hold you back in life. You get in a cycle of always being negative and it isn’t healthy. You end up becoming a kind of “Victor Meldrew” type of character (Apologies for my References here).

The thing I have found helps with me is to just take a split second to stop and think about the situation before you react.

Try and be logical about what’s happened and don’t get emotional about the situation, (easier said than done I know) but with practice you will react better in time. Give it a go.

If you don’t have anything to focus on, then you’re mind wonders, if you watch the news you will feel down and in a negative state within minutes. I have made a point of never sitting and watching the news…we are all familiar with how negative stories wind people up and can invoke a negative state – Riots, race issues, murder and pandemics to name a few!

Some advice…don’t watch the news!

3. Exercise

Another thing that I think is very important is to exercise on a regular basis. As you may know from the website and the YouTube channel that I exercise four to five times a week depending on my schedule and workload. I take the weekends off to rest, relax and recover (this is as important as exercising itself).

I workout for between thirty minutes to an hour with kettlebells, resistance bands, cardiovascular workouts and body weight exercises.

I like to burn around 200 – 300 calories per workout, not that I’m calorie counting or anything like that, but you have an indication of what I’m doing in a standard workout.

I like to keep the heart rate around 150BPM, with it averaging around 135-140BPM over the duration of the workout.

To check out some of my workouts click here.

4. Meditation

After every single workout I spend between 10 – 20 minutes meditating. Here I’m concentrating on my breathing, thoughts will naturally drift in and out my mind but I will always reset and come back to concentrating on my breathing.

Meditation is a great way to help relax and calm you down, amongst other things. It’s proven to help with stress, reduce depression and anxiety.

It’s difficult for some people to just sit and breathe, as our minds are always on the go with some type of stimulation.

If you give it a chance and a little time, you will definitely see and feel the benefits of meditation. Start off with as little as a minute and increase the length from there, count your breathing and focus on that.

I did some very basic meditations for beginners, if you wanted to try them click here.

5. Diet

Another thing that is very important to having a positive mental attitude is eating and drinking the correct things.

In my experience if you eat rubbish, you will feel rubbish and even be rubbish in yourself with regards to the way you move, the way you think and the way you act.

As you know, when you eat fast food you get that mental brain fog and all you want to do is nothing apart from trying to let it digest!

6. Detach Emotion

If someone attacks you verbally or they are accusing you of something, try and detach your emotion from the situation and consider this before you respond.

For example, if someone accuses you of being at fault or even incompetence, try to not feel the emotion of the accusation. I used to get like an anxiety if this happened and would automatically and unintentionally get defensive and react emotionally to what had been said.

Through mental training and experience I have learned to back away emotionally from the situation and just let sink in what has been said.

Give yourself those important split seconds, that feel like a lifetime to be still, think and react logically.

If you have been in the wrong, I would always be honest and own up to that, as this is better than trying to win a losing battle you can’t win, which will also make you look foolish.

However, if you are right, remain calm and try not to let emotion win over. Try and let the facts of the situation be the difference in the dispute.

Consider taking a few seconds to think before you react in any situation.

If you go back to this person with cold, hard facts that vindicate you in the situation, you can never be defeated.

Theres no need to be smug either, all you need to do is state your case, acknowledge the fact you weren’t in the wrong and move on.

Remember, it’s not a big deal, show some class and the more you do it, no one will ever be able to rattle you again. This also comes with age and life experience I have found.

One last thing to consider here, the people you are dealing with might not be in a good place mentally either. They might be under pressure and aren’t thinking straight. This doesn’t excuse them, but always consider this too.

A lot of people are fighting their own battles on a daily basis. Try to look at the bigger picture, as you will be able to tell the more this happens if someone isn’t thinking rationally either.

Most of the time people just point the finger because it’s the easy thing to do and they don’t want to take responsibility themselves for their actions.

7. Fake It Till You Make It

Try to be like people who inspire you, try to be like…Tony Robbins for example, or people who you find interesting, fascinating and gravitate towards.

Look at these successful people, try to emulate how they are and be like that person, always work on being better. Work on being a better person and through dedication and time you will find their traits will become yours.

Another thing to consider is that you might not want to be like anyone. You might be happy with who you are in that respect.

This is me, I don’t try to be like anyone, all I do is try to be as nice t as possible to everyone I meet and hopefully after the interaction, my vibe will have reflected onto the other person and they also feel it was a positive interaction.

Always be polite, my mum always told me to have manners, as they don’t cost a thing and I’ve always held myself to that standard because of this.

8. Be Your Own Movie

Try and be the star of your own movie. I know it sounds a little cheesy but I do at times think that the life I’m living, is this epic long film that has its own story.

Your in control of your life, create that movie you would like to be in. Work towards that film, even if it feels a million miles off where you want to be.

No film starts off the way it’s intended, there’s a journey the protagonist goes on and that could be you in getting to where you want to be in life.

9. Check Your surroundings

Try and hang out with people whom you enjoy spending time with, if you are hanging around with boring, depressing and pessimistic people, don’t fall into their trap.

I understand they are your friends and there’s nothing wrong with that, but consider also being in the company of people whom you enjoy, people who make you laugh to the point of having bellyache, those people who you can really connect with and find interesting, as they really fascinate you.

Look to spend time with people who’s conversation is timeless. What I mean by this is that you can be having a conversation with someone and before you know it, an hour has passed in the blink of an eye.

10. Anchors

The last tip I have is to use something called “Anchors”.

These are things that evoke emotions that make you happy, like a song that reminds you of that time on holiday or when you were spending time with that special someone or having a laugh with your friends.

You find that certain songs when working out really help you push that little bit harder or give you a rush of emotion or burst of energy you didn’t know you had.

Scents are another powerful anchor that can whisk you away to a happy time or place you hold close to your heart. Whether it be a perfume or even a meal of some kind, these all evoke a strong emotion that you can go back to whenever you feel the need.

If you are ever feeling down or aren’t feeling great, put that song on that gets your blood pumping, gives you that rush and what also puts a smile on your face. keep the song on loop or smell that scent…

Do things that put a smile on your face, if you have a smile on your face then you are halfway there. Try to be a nice person and this will radiate to others, which in turn will only reinforce that positive interaction you have with others.

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