How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude – Mental Equilibrium

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How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude – Mental Equilibrium

As I sit at home tonight sipping a green tea in my Kappa Tracksuit (with poppers down the side of the leg), while reading the latest edition of Readers Digest, I reflect on a conversation I had with a good friend of mine (Diego) on peoples thought processes. Why do some individuals always seem on a Debbie downer (no offense to any Debbie’s on a downer) and others can make you cringe at the plasticity of their supposed positive facade?

I thought I would share our musings on how to develop a positive mental attitude to see if some of what was mentioned could help you or others, as it seems a few of us could do with a little pep talk now and again.

Shift That Perspective

When I was younger I used to be negative at times. I would instinctively always see the negative in any situation that was challenging or troubled me. Over time, I have learned to flip the script on my mental thought process to try to see the positive in any scenario… I like to think of the pint being half full.

A prime example of this was recently… I was with a friend walking on a dull afternoon, when all of a sudden the heavens opened up and it was hammering it down, like to the point of biblical proportions! My friend literally ran away having the biggest tantrum I had ever seen, well since me not winning a Bendy Bully from “Bullseye” back in the day when I was like 8 years old. I’m stood in the downpour getting drenched laughing my head off. This to me was hilarious as the situation was so ridiculous it was funny. When I caught up with my friend who was seeking refuge under a large tree, they proceeded to shout and moan about how wet they were and that this has ruined their day. I said to her “why are you going to let a bit of water ruin your day?” To cut a long story short, a couple of hours later my friend sat there and began to chuckle at the incident in question. They found it funny now because they too had realized the comedy value in what we had experienced. It may even turn into a crap anecdote at the next friendly gathering.

To carry the negative thoughts and emotions from something so small as a rain storm could potentially cause damage later down the line if you don’t work at changing your thought process. When something happens at times we instinctively react when we are not thinking, its natural to. Try to step back from the situation mentally and program yourself to think of that negative thought and look at it in a positive light. One thing I do is try to look at the funny side of it, think about telling your friends of how a bird pooped on your back or how you walked into that lamppost while on your phone.

How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude
After every storm theres a rainbow…cheesy but the true

Check Your Surroundings

Carrying negative energy in the long term can lead to anxiety and fear. It can change the person you are or want to be. Its being aware of this that’s the start of being able to rectify our thought process and when you recognize it, you are on the path to enlightenment.

Its always good to surround yourself with like-minded people who are successful and can see the bigger picture. You have heard it before that you are the people you spend your time with. We all have those friends we love but who can’t help bumming us out with their pessimistic and cynical views of the world. When they do this at times it can feel as if they are steeling your soul or sucking the life from you.

Spend time but don’t let them bring you down, radiate your warm personality on them and in time maybe they may mirror your behavior? One thing my mother always told me was to be polite “manners don’t cost anything” she would say and I always try to be as friendly as possible to whomever I meet. Treat others as you want to be treated and show gratitude to everyone you encounter.

This brings me to how motivation can help keep and maintain a positive mental attitude (PMA). Having a few words that inspire you can really give you a boost if you feel a bit flat. There’re many videos, posts and articles (hopefully this one) which could elevate your mood and they are worth checking out.

How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude
Spending time with friends can be a massive benefit

Anchors, Affirmations And Quotes

One of the main things that I do regularly is the use of anchors. These are memories which inspire a happy mood. What I mean by this is…do you have a song or maybe an item of clothing which transports you to a time that fills you with happiness? This can help with your PMA when you are in a tough or challenging spot. One way to solidify an anchor is with the use of tapping your fingers on part of your body to program your brain to recall the scenario.

Affirmations and quotes by inspirational people may be another way to give you that feeling of positivity and help maintain a PMA. Simply google the above and you will find an “Alice in Wonderland” rabbit hole of content for you to follow. There’s a lot of cheesy stuff out there, but cut through the Stilton and you may find something that really resonates with you…use it and refer to it daily.

Look Outside And Within

Look to people you find inspirational and how they act, you can mirror their attitude and outlook. This in time will change your subconscious mind into being the person you want to be more like. The old “fake it till you make it” line comes into play here. Take time to meditate, even if for only a few minutes daily to start with and be happy with who you are, reduce the time you spend on your phone and increase the time you spend with people who’s company you enjoy. Cut down on the amount of time you spent on social media and news updates. We all know how these two forms of media can have a negative impact on us.

How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude
Be the star of your own blockbuster

The Latest Blockbuster

I like to think of myself as the protagonist in my own film, make life exciting, take risks and “roll the dice”. Look ahead and be optimistic for the journey you are on, maybe reading this will spark your own renaissance? Think about how you want things to be and how that makes you feel in this moment right now. Remember the feeling or use it as an anchor to push forward with your film/life you are starring in. Laugh at your failures in the past and use them to be better now and in the future. Don’t take yourself too seriously either, try to see the funny side in things you do. They normally make great stories for your mates later down the line.

Have fun with whatever you do, share time with those whom you enjoy, have a positive outlook, copy and paste things and people who inspire you and smile a little more…you will feel better for it.

How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

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10 thoughts on “How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude – Mental Equilibrium

  1. Hi Lee

    I agree with so much in this post. Did you know there was a study done on the effect of smiling on the brain? It makes a difference to your mood because your brain is tricked into thinking you are happy so faking it ’til you make it does work!

    Like you, I love to meditate – it enables you to look at a thought instead of automatically reacting to it.

    I used to think that I had to think whatever fell into my head! I’m sure lots of people are like that but you can teach yourself substiture those thoughts for a ‘better feeling thought’.

    I read a quote recently that said ‘If you knew the power of your thoughts, you would never think a negative thought again’. Our thoughts are self-fulfilling. If you think you will have a terrible day you almost certainly will. What you think about expands to think of what you are grateful for.

    Thanks for another great post.



    1. Hello again,

      I too have read that smiling regularly does have positive Effects on the individual with it triggering the minds chemicals.
      Meditation is so under rated and still seen by many as a little out there, but for me it really works to reset my mind after a hard day at work and I feel re-energised afterwards.

      You can train the mind to think differently and this can be beneficial in various ways.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hi
    I’m having a number of reactions and reflections having read this article. I agree with that fake it until you make it – up to a point. And I have practiced that myself in certain ways. I started forcing myself to greet everyone in the office at the start of the day even when that was not the norm. It became the norm. I even have colleagues that I barely know emailing me now in the COVID lock-down saying how they miss my morning greetings. Hopefully, I am not fooling myself and these expressions are genuine. Anyway, I guess where my mind was going was the thought that there is a fine line between – fake it until you make it – and being genuine and honest to yourself.
    Just a thought.
    Thanks for a thought-inspiring article.
    Best regards

    1. Hi,

      gratitude is a very good way for someone to shift their perspective. Having this outlook is an important thing that will be very helpful to you Maintaining a PMA! Great comments and thank you.

  3. Hi,
    Truly inspiring and very true. I love using the affirmation and the”look outside and within” more. You right when you said there is no point to let little things like rain steal you joy. In the case of anchors, I use God because I’m a strong believer. Thanks for the post I will definitely share it to friends and family so as to help motivate them too.


    1. Hi Benson,

      Glad you enjoyed the post. You mentioned some very valid points here, the use of religion as an anchor is helpful to many all around the world now and in the past. They are worth bearing in mind always to maintain a PMA.

      Thanks and speak soon.

  4. An enjoyable read so thanks for posting. As someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder many years ago, your comments strike a balance. Common sense in the main but always good to keep front of mind.

    1. Hi Jason,

      Glad you enjoyed the post and I hope it can give you some pointers when you feel the need. There is a lot of common Sense here…however, some can forget he basics and its good to refresh peoples memories.
      All the best.

  5. Hi LJ,
    I was wondering why you are talking about positivity and realized that CBD also helps lift the mood and attitude. How nice. It could really be a wonder for those with compulsive depression.
    I have an Aunt who is typically in mood swings all the time. I am going to point her in the direction of your website.
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi,

      the thing I am trying to promote with this site is health & fitness and wellbeing…a complete one stop for people looking to completely optimize their health in every aspect. CBD can help lots of people in many ways, some that you have mentioned. How to develop a positive mental attitude is something we could all do with under the current circumstances.

      Please point anyone to this site if its relevant to them, its really appreciated.

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