Why Does CBD Oil Make Me Burp? (6 Things To Look For)


Why Does CBD Oil Make Me Burp? (6 Things To Look For)

CBD has gained huge momentum, especially over the last couple of years.

Which means every man and his dog (apologies for my cliched one liner) are getting in on the CBD revolution.

It is a good thing people are getting into the CBD business, but with that comes a little trepidation.

As the product quality of some brands can be questionable, due to the fact CBD isn’t regulated as of yet.

With the complexities of the human body, means people can react in a variety of different ways with certain side effects.

One side effect that people ask about is…

Why Does CBD Oil Make Me Burp?

CBD oil may make you burp if the product doesn’t agree with you for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason would be down to the product itself and there are a few things to look out for before purchasing any CBD product. A good quality CBD that works for you can be difficult to find, but looking out for things like – Type of CBD, additives, dosage, potency, type of carrier oil, terpenes, third party testing and batch numbers – must be researched. Failure to do so may result in a lesser quality product, that can react in a number of ways with certain individuals, such as burping and other side effects. You also have to think about if you have suffered from burping in the past or if it’s only just started to happen since taking CBD?

What Causes Burping?

Burping (belching and eructation) is the release of gas from the upper digestive tract (oesophagus and stomach).

Burping can be caused by normal eating processes or as a side effect of other medical conditions.

Burping is usually caused by swallowing air when eating or drinking and subsequently expelling it, in which case the expelled gas is mainly a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

Burps can be caused by drinking beverages containing carbon dioxide, such as beer and soft drinks, in which case the expelled gas is mainly carbon dioxide.

Certain medication can cause burping, especially at higher doses. This often resolves in a few weeks.

Burping combined with other symptoms such as indigestion, nausea and heartburn may be a sign of an ulcer or hiatal hernia and should be reviewed by a doctor.

Other causes of burping include food allergy, gallbladder diseases, acid reflux disease and gastritis.

Check out the various different reasons why CBD oil might be making you burp below.

As there are quite a few things to look out for when it comes to getting the right CBD for you.

Just looking for two or three of these pointers below, will really help you distinguish the good from the bad.

So get your note pad and pencil out (another cliche one liner) to help make the right decision when it comes to getting any type of CBD in the future.

1. What Type Of CBD Do You Have?

CBD is one of many chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant. Unlike Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce that high feeling after use. 

Companies that manufacture CBD products use different methods to extract the compound from the plant. The varying diffusions result in a range of CBD types.

There are three types of CBD, that contain different concentrations and compounds:

  • Full-spectrum: Includes all parts of the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum products contain less than 0.3% THC.
  • Broad-spectrum: This contains most of the cannabis plant compounds. Unlike full-spectrum, broad-spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC.
  • Isolates: Only contain CBD, with no other cannabinoids or THC. Products that contain isolate CBD may not produce any notable effects. 

It has been widely reported that several CBD products make misleading claims about the use of their products. People should use caution before ordering any type of CBD. 

why does cbd oil make me burp?
Certain additive’s can cause burping when taking CBD

2. How Many Additives?

Always check where the product was manufactured and what extra additives have been added.

Companies can sneak in extra additives to reduce the cost of the product with a cheaper alternative. 

A good rule of thumb is for the CBD to have three ingredients or less.

The CBD extract, preferably hemp oil as the carrier oil and something for flavour would be the third ingredient such as peppermint or cinnamon.

Anymore additives and you may want to rethink buying the product in question.

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3. Dosage And Potency Matters

Dosage and potency of CBD varies massively from product to product.

For example, strength of CBD can go from 300mg – 5000mg per bottle, with varying dosages from a whole dropper full to only a few drops.

I have had CBD where you need to take the entire dropper to get the recommended dose, while another I have used only took four single drops to get 50mg of CBD. 

When it comes to CBD the dosage structure can get a little confusing, you should keep in mind that the correct dosage might also differ for different people, but always read the label of the product in question. 

For most people, the recommended dose is sufficient, but Increasing or decreasing the dosage off your own back could be potentially harmful.

If you feel any negative side effects, either revert back to the manufacturers recommendation or stop using the item and seek advice from your doctor.

4. What Type Of Carrier Oil?

There are a number of CBD carrier oils, so check the label and see whether this is something which you aren’t allergic to.

Some carrier oils include:

  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
Check what type of carrier oil is in the product

5. Could Terpenes Make You Burp?

CBD, as you perhaps already know, affects everyone differently in many different ways. There is a lot of people who are allergic to it, or your body might not like some other ingredient in the product. 

Terpenes can cause this also – These are the natural compounds in the flower or bud of the cannabis plant. Terpenoids, meanwhile, are terpenes that have been chemically altered.

The process of drying and curing a cannabis flower leads to the formation of terpenes in the CBD.

Not all blends include terpenes though. Terpenes can give you a dry mouth. They are volatile aromatics that are beneficial to the body. 

One method is to do the following:

Once you’ve allowed the oil to sit under the tongue between 30 seconds to 60 seconds… Immediately take a sip of water and swish around mouth, allow the oil to dilute, then swallow.

Follow with a bit more water and it should help. 

A common terpene is called Caryophyllene, which is abundant in black pepper.

It is also a sesquiterpene, meaning it will still be around after de-carbing. So, If your oil tastes peppery/spicy, it’s more than likely going to be caryophyllene.

Numerous reasons play roles if you cough during CBD vaping. One major reason for making you cough could be the presence of terpenes in it or even certain types of vape juice.

Terpenes are usually present in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD vaping liquids.

Terpenes cause itching in the throat, resulting in cough. If you are aren’t used to vaping, then coughing could happen until you get used to it. 

Terpenes have been reported to irritate the throat, causing coughing.

Other components, such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), might exacerbate the airways and produce allergic reactions in certain people.

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6. Third Party Testing And Sourcing

A person should look for independently tested products. Some companies provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which shows what is in the supplements.

Some safety elements a lab can test for and report on a COA include:

  • Exactly amount of each cannabinoid (The majority of labs only test for up to 11 of the 113 known cannabinoids).
  • Terpene and flavonoid profile.
  • Pesticides.
  • Herbicides.
  • Heavy metals.

Certain particular attributes of the CBD formula that you ingest, including: additives, brand, contaminants, potency, purity, sourcing, etc – may determine whether you experience side effects.

Administering a CBD formula containing additives (THC) or contaminants (pesticides) may increase risk of severe side effects and/or adverse reactions.

If you’re using pure CBD with little additives, you’ll probably experience fewer side effects than if you’re using a CBD formula with added substances.

Furthermore, using CBD from one brand might be of different purity and/or potency than CBD from another – even if dosages are listed as being the same (listings aren’t always accurate).

Its crucial to look for laboratory testing

There are many companies selling CBD online, not all of them produce a high-quality CBD product. Certain companies conduct minimal to zero quality control and simply cannot be trusted.

Purchasing CBD from a reputable company should reduce the risk of side effects compared to purchasing CBD from a company with an unknown or questionable reputation.

Ordering cheaper CBD from countries outside of the United States may increase your risk of receiving a contaminated product.

Contaminants such as pesticides and/or moulds may be present in low-quality CBD products and cause side effects and/or adverse reactions as a result of toxicity.

The potency and purity of your CBD can influence whether or not you experience side effects. Utilizing a very potent CBD formula with high purity may increase risk of side effects due to the CBD exerting a more substantial effect upon physiology – than a less potent or lower purity CBD product.

The sourcing of your CBD could also determine whether you’ll be at risk of experiencing side effects following its ingestion.

You can always contact the company from where you purchased the CBD to determine how their cannabis is cultivated, CBD is extracted, and whether there are any potential problems with their sourcing.

Any Previous Problems?

If you are suffering from burping since taking CBD, it would be wise to stop using the product for a few days to see how your body reacts without it.

If after this period you haven’t been burping, then it’s safe to say you need to change the product you are using or stop using CBD completely. 

If you are on any other type of medication for something else, its worth looking into the side effects of them to see if they are causing the burping.

Another simple thing to consider is your diet.

Has anything in your diet caused burping?

The majority of food consumed might be completely fine for most people to eat, but to you could be problematic. We are all very familiar these days with various allergies such as peanuts etc.

If you have suffered from burping even before taking CBD, then use the process of elimination to find out what the item is that is causing the irritation if you are able.

Its worth seeking the advice of your GP to see where you stand regarding getting blood tests done to see if you are allergic anything in particular.

From My Research, The Most Common Reason Is…

In my opinion, if you are burping while using CBD, it would be worth not taking it for a few days to see how your body reacts. 

The majority of time there’s CBD related problems for people is purely down to the product they are using, that doesn’t agree with them for some reason or another.

Buying CBD is such a mine field, as you can see from all the points above and there’s no telling with some retailers what you are getting. Theres nothing to say a reputable retailers products may not agree with you either. 

Theres no easy answer here, there could be some foods that react with the CBD, which is causing the problem.

However, if you are able to send the product back to get a refund, then look to do so and spend some more time researching which CBD or any other alternative may work for you.

Always seek the professional opinion from your doctor before trying CBD or any changes to your diet.

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