Why Does CBD Make Me Jittery? (4 Reasons Why It Might)


Why Does CBD Make Me Jittery? (4 Reasons Why It Might)

Interest in CBD has increased over recent years, and has been helpful to many for its various properties in relieving pain, inflammation and anxiety to name a few.

However, sometimes people experience side effects, as CBD has proven to react quite differently depending on the individual.

There are a few things to consider if you are feeling jittery after taking CBD…

Why Does CBD Make Me Jittery?

CBD can make you jittery for a number of reasons, the main one would be down to the fact you have taken too much. Reduce the amount you take until you stop feeling the sensation. Even if you are taking the manufacturers recommended dosage, you should still lower the amount you take. CBD will react differently depending on your body type (weight), when you take it or if it’s taken on an empty stomach. If you are taking medication for any reason, this could also react with the CBD you are using. One other reason would be that CBD can cause tachycardia for some, which could make you feel jittery. If the sensation persists, stop taking the product and seek the advice of a doctor.

What Is Felling Jittery?

Jittery simply means that you feel nervous or unable to relax. Some symptoms of feeling jittery are as follows:

  • Feeling nervous, restless or tense.
  • Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom.
  • Having an increased heart rate.
  • Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating.
  • Trembling.
  • Feeling weak or tired.
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry.

1. Dosage Is Key

Taking the correct dosage is very important with anything, not just CBD.

Strength, dosage and potency of CBD varies massively from product to product.

For example, strength of CBD can go from 300mg – 5000mg per bottle, with varying dosages from a whole dropper full to only a few drops. This is why potency and dosage needs researching. 

I have taken CBD where you need the entire dropper to get the recommended dose, while another one I have used only took four single drops to get 50mg of CBD. 

When it comes to CBD the dosage structure can get a little confusing, you should keep in mind that the correct dosage might also differ for different people, but always read the label of the product in question. 

For most people, the recommended dose is sufficient, but Increasing the dosage could be potentially harmful.

If you feel any negative side effects, either revert back to the manufacturers recommendation, reduce the dose or stop using the item and seek advice from your doctor.

Always check the CBD product you are using to make sure there is only trace amounts of THC (up to 0.2%) and make sure you only purchase CBD products with certificates of analysis (COA) to reinforce the brands ethical and quality standards.

why does cbd make me jittery

Some safety elements a lab can test for and report on a COA include:

  • Exactly amount of each cannabinoid (The majority of labs only test for up to 11 of the 113 known cannabinoids).
  • Terpene and flavonoid profile.
  • Pesticides.
  • Herbicides.
  • Heavy metals.

At extremely high doses, such as those over 1000 mg (chugging five bottles of CBD tinctures, give or take), CBD can cause slight dizziness, anxiety, decreased appetite, drowsiness, tachycardia or an increased heart rate, and jitteriness. These side effects will fade away in a few hours.

2. Endocannabinoid System

As mentioned, everyone reacts to CBD in different ways and one reason for feeling jittery may be down to the Endocannabinoid System.

The full extent of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is still unknown, however it is believed to regulate a range of functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction and fertility.

The ECS has three core components: endocannabinoidsreceptors, and enzymes

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Does the ECS hold the key to your bodies equilibrium?

Endocannabinoids are molecules made by your body. 

While the receptors are found throughout your body. Endocannabinoids bind to them in order to signal that the ECS needs to get involved.

There are two main endocannabinoid receptors:

  • CB1 receptors, which are mostly found in the central nervous system
  • CB2 receptors, which are mostly found in your peripheral nervous system, especially immune cells

Endocannabinoids can bind to either receptor. The effects that result depend on where the receptor is located and which endocannabinoid it binds to. 

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down endocannabinoids once they’ve carried out their function.

The ECS is linked to the following processes: 

  • appetite and digestion
  • metabolism 
  • chronic pain
  • inflammation and other immune system responses
  • mood 
  • learning and memory 
  • motor control
  • sleep
  • cardiovascular system function 
  • muscle formation 
  • bone remodeling and growth
  • liver function
  • reproductive system function
  • stress
  • skin and nerve function

The effects of CBD are still not fully understood. More research needs to be completed to really understand the complex relationship between the endocannabinoid system and CBD, although users have reported feeling jittery. 

These functions all contribute to the stability of your internal environment. If an outside force, such as pain from an injury or a fever, throws off your body out of whack, your ECS kicks in to help your body return to its ideal operation. 

Experts believe that maintaining this balance is the primary role of the ECS.

3. Medication & Time Taken

It goes without saying that if you are taking any kind of medication for anything and you have any side effects after taking CBD, which would include feeling jittery, then stop taking it right away.

Speak to a doctor regarding the matter, as the medication mixed with the CBD may not agree with you.

Some say you should never take CBD right before bed. Take it a few hours earlier and separate from other medication if you are taking any.

It is known that there’s often a circadian rhythm interaction with substances. If you use CBD at night, you may find that it synergises with your circadian rhythm to increase drowsiness to a greater extent than it would if administered in the morning. 

Understand that the time at which you use CBD may determine the intensity of jitteriness that you experience.

why does cbd make me jittery
The time at which CBD is taken may be a factor

The specifics related with when you take your CBD could influence how jittery you may feel. 

Specifics you may want to consider include – whether you took CBD on an empty or full stomach, how was CBD taken and timing.

Someone who takes CBD sublingually (under the tongue) on an empty stomach at night might have completely different side effects than if they had taken it transdermally (used as a cream/lotion) on a full stomach in the early afternoon.

Certain individuals may experience a greater number of side effects and/or more severe side effects when taking CBD on an empty stomach.

Yet others might report experiencing more side effects when they use CBD on a full stomach.

Nevertheless, your degree of fullness might impact the CBD side effects that you experience.

There are many different ways in which CBD can be taken/used. The way in which CBD is administered can affect its bioavailability, metabolism and ultimately influence the side effects that users experience.

Taking CBD transdermally may minimise gastrointestinal side effects (e.g. diarrhea) because most of the CBD is absorbed locally (rubbed on area of skin). Consider that you might experience side effects with one variation of CBD compared to another.

4. Strain Game

You may or may not know, that there are two different strains of cannabis. These are Indica and Sativa.

This may be the reason for feeling jittery, depending on the strain of CBD that is in the product you are using.

Indica is generally relaxing, whilst Sativa is uplifting. Terpenes will also steer the effect (both for THC and CBD), therefore terpenes that are uplifting will energise you and terpenes that are relaxing will calm you down.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, though these are commonly associate with cannabis because the plants contain high concentrations of them.

These aromatic compounds create the characteristic scent of many plants, such as cannabis, pine, lavender, as well as fresh orange peel. 

It’s always worth investigating the source material and terpene content of your product. 

Final Thoughts…

If you get the jitters after taking CBD, hopefully one of the pointers above will help you get to the root of the problem.

CBD is very inconsistent when it comes to how it can affect certain individuals and you have to do your research when it comes to finding the right CBD for you.

If you have had any kind of jitters in the past, maybe CBD has heightened this and you should stop taking the product.

Thats not saying that all CBD is bad for you. There are so many products on the market these days, that its well worth doing some research before you depart with your hard earned cash.

First things first, lower the amount of CBD you are taking and see if that helps, if it does then great, if not reduce it some more.

If you are still experiencing jitters, then stop taking the product.

Normally any issues with side effects and CBD are down to the product itself, rather than the individual.

It’s difficult to know for sure, but trying a different product may sort the problem, or CBD might not agree with you and your bodies genetic make up.

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