What To Eat In A Healthy Diet – Featuring Huel.


What To Eat In A Healthy Diet – Featuring Huel.

Its the age old question “what to eat in a healthy diet” and theres not a simple answer to this. As not one diet is going to fix everyone’s problems, as we are all different and what works for me might not work for you.

We all know the old skool food pyramid is a little bit dated and were told that something is good for us, only to be told a year later its to be avoided at all costs.

Its always difficult to know what we can eat and not be in the wrong. Theres new diets coming out all the time…from the retro Atkins diet, to the newish Keto diet that’s now taking the world by storm!

My Diet Plan

Its always interesting to know what others are eating, so I decided to share my healthy daily diet, whether it catches on or not is another thing (highly doubt it) but nutrition to some is a big secret and it shouldn’t be.

Nutrition is in my opinion the biggest key factor when you are looking to lose weight or even maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you eat rubbish you will be rubbish, so always consider this when you want to scoff that Marvellous creation bar one evening.

My eating plan consists of fruit and vegetables and I graze through the day, but I never eat a big meal in the day apart from when I get home at night after work.

Anyway, lets crack on and get into what I eat on a daily basis that keep the muffin top at bay in my Levi’s jeans.

Hydration Sensation

I wake up at 5.30am in the morning everyday in the week. I stumble around upstairs like im the ball bearing in a retro pinball game, trying my best not to bump into everything and wake the whole house up in the process.

I down a full pint of water, this is the only thing I ever have before I workout in the morning. I have tried pre-workout in the past and it gave me that caffeine buzz and weird sensation to begin with, but I didn’t like that feeling so never went back to it.

I will then do a 30 minute workout, which consists of various exercises that incorporate functional fitness and mobility, then after that I take 20 minutes at least to meditate.

This for me is a crucial part of my day and helps me focus and reset my mind for the day ahead (I highly recommend you trying, check out meditations here).

After training I will have my protein shake, vitamins and a lemon tea. Sometimes I will skip a breakfast if im not hungry and wait till I get to snack time at work around 9am.

To check out my morning routine in detail CLICK HERE now.

Work Life

After a good battle with the loofah in the shower, I will make my way to work. I get to the office around 8:15am and its here were I set my stall out for the day. If you think of Ian Beales fruit & Veg stall, then you’ll be close to my daily nutritional intake here.

Firstly, I will down a pint of water with a hydration tablet. These are great and contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium that your body needs to be properly hydrated. Next on the hit list around 9am is a banana, love these and have one a day.

After around 30 minutes I will grab a hand of salted nuts…as you know nuts are a great source of sodium, protein and fat. I follow this with an apple, which are incredibly good for you, eating them is linked to a lower risk of many major diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Next up I will grab my sharp knife and attack an avocado, I slice it in half and stab the stone to pull it out of its fitting, sprinkle a little salt on both halves and gulp them right down!

To finish the morning snack attack I will wash it all down with a protein shake. This is a plant based offering and has 18g of protein per serving.

Lunch Packs a Punch

As the clock strikes 12:30pm I prepare to do battle with my lunchtime snack, one thing that I have started to have instead of an actual meal is something called Huel. This is a complete meal replacement and has 26 important vitamins and minerals, that is high in protein and has less than 1% sugar. These are plant based meals and do a great job of bridging that hunger gap and work a treat if your are on the go and don’t have time to stop for food (which isn’t great for those that are in this situation as you should make time to eat, but you get my point hopefully).

As the afternoon continues, I will have another handful of nuts, a boiled egg and a naval orange, in my humble opinion you cant beat a good orange, they taste the best and are so juicy!

by this time its hitting the 5pm mark and its time to call it a day at the office. I will dash home to have dinner.

Evening Dinner, Water Winner

The evening meal will consist of one part protein, one part carbohydrate and one part leafy or green vegetables. Whether its a plant based option or a lean meat variety, I always try to keep the ratio like this. Its never done me wrong so far and fills a hole that’s for sure.

After the evening meal has been prepped and devoured, I will fill the kettle to the top and boil. What I will then do is fill a pint glass half with the boiling water and the other half with cold water, I will continue to do this during the evenings shenanigans until the kettle has all gone and until I go to bed. I have developed a taste for warm/hot water recently and I have come to enjoy it! It can be good for various things like help improve digestion, relieve congestion and even promote relaxation, compared with drinking cold water.

However, most of this is anecdotal based and not scientific fact…FACT.

I call it a day around 9:30pm, get my panamas on and prepare myself to count sheep until 5:30am the following morning, when I do it all over again.

If you wanted to see what I eat on a daily basis, then please click on the video below!

Calling It A Day

You may be wondering why theres no mention of my coffee intake and that’s because I don’t drink it at the moment as I was finding that it wasn’t really agreeing with me, so I decided to knock it on the head and only drink green tea at work. So far I am sticking to it and have no issues (just in case you were worried).

Has this post inspired you to maybe think about changing your eating habits and having more fruit and vegetables throughout the day? Or you happy with what you currently eat?

If you have found this post helpful, please leave a comment below, as I would love to hear them.

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Till next time, take care…



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