Upper Body Kettlebell Workout – 30 Minute Crusher!


Upper Body Kettlebell Workout…

As you surely know by now, here at Sport CBDs, we love kettlebells and most of the workouts I do involves using them in some shape or form.

If you are looking for a kettlebell workout that is great for beginners all the way to an advanced level, then this routine is perfect for you.

If you are new to the website, then welcome! If you are a regular reader/participant here, then welcome back.

I like to incorporate functional fitness, which promote mobility and increases strength and endurance.

On Todays Menu

Todays workout is no exception, with functional training always being a focus of the routines I do.

For todays workout I have used a 10kg cast iron kettlebell, which works well with the exercises today.

What we have today is an upper body kettlebell workout that has seven exercises, with a few of them being done for 45 seconds on one side, then 45 seconds on the other.

We are going for three rounds with no rest in between sets. We are doing as many controlled reps as possible within a 45 second period, then you get 15 seconds to rest, recover and get ready for the next exercise.

It is a 27 minute workout in total, that will burn around 400 calories give or take.

Always remember to warm up correctly before any exercise, as we don’t want anyone pulling a muscle or injuring themselves.

I have done a full morning warm up routine that you can follow along to. Why not check that out below?

Exercises Coming Up…

Frog press & one arm row:

The first exercise in the routine requires you to have the kettlebell planted on the floor, here we are using the horns of the bell to press up from, while having your legs shoulder width apart.

After you push away from the KB, you are exploding up onto your feet and then lifting the kettlebell with one arm up to your body as you would a normal one arm row.

Lower the KB back to the original position on the floor, hold on to the horns once again, skip your legs back shoulder width apart and repeat the press up lowering yourself to the bell. Then repeat the one arm row on the opposite arm.

This is a great exercise to start off with as it is working the chest, triceps, back and increasing explosion in the lower body with the hop forward and back in between the press and row.

Turn, press with raise & triceps curl:

Here we are turning to 90º to the side and pressing the kettlebell out parallel to the floor, then raise the kettlebell above your head and then lower behind your skull to work the triceps. Curl the kettlebell back above your head and then lower it back to the press position, pull the KB back in to your body and rotate 180º the other way and repeat the movement for 45 seconds.

This drill works the back, shoulders, chest and triceps as well as the core with the rotation from side to side.

Hip Thruster, Curl & press:

Sitting on knees, resting your heels on your bottom, with the kettlebell rested in-between your legs. Then lift up off your heels and thrust up while holding the kettlebell in position. Now on your knees, curl the kettlebell and then press it above your head. Lower the KB back to your chest, then back between your legs and sit back onto the heels of your feet. Repeat the process for 45 seconds.

This works your glutes, quads, core, biceps and shoulders.

Trunk rotation swing:

This works the same way as a normal swing but we are rotating the trunk more with the kettlebell swinging from side to side as oppose to between your legs.

This will work your core and increase trunk rotation, as well as working your shoulders and back.

Horn clean and press:

Here we are picking the kettlebell up by the horn, then lifting and rotating till the kettlebell is upside down, then while keeping it balanced, press the KB above your head, then slowly lower it back down towards your shoulder and flip the kettlebell back the right way and lower to the ground. Repeat this for 45 seconds on one side, then 45 seconds on the other.

This exercise is difficult if you have sweaty hands, as you won’t be able to grip the KB. Make sure you use chalk or your hands are dry.

Muscles worked here are your forearms, grip strength, biceps, core and shoulders.

Lateral swing:

Here we are pulling the kettlebell from the opposite side of our body and swinging it across and away from us. This is a side to side swing, as oppose to backwards and forwards like a normal swing. As the kettlebell is pulled off the ground we are bent over, then swing the kettlebell across your body and stand up straight and swing KB out to the side until parallel to the ground.

Swing the bell back towards the opposite side of your body, while rotating your trunk allowing the kettlebell to swing back to its original position. Then swing the kettlebell back across your body and repeat the exercise for 45 seconds and then switch sides.

This works the core, your back, shoulders and quads.

Press with leg raise:

The final exercise or the routine has you laying on your back with your feet raised off the ground, pressing the kettlebell out from your chest, while there hold the kettlebell and raise your feet legs straight to touch the kettlebell. Lower legs and then kettlebell back to your chest. Repeat the process for time period.

This works the triceps, chest and core.

Repeat The Process

Well done, that’s round one complete. Simply repeat these exercises for another two rounds to complete this workout.

If you would like to follow along in realtime with me doing this routine, then click on the image below to do so.

If you enjoyed this workout then please check out the YouTube channel, with over 40 workouts which include the use of kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells and even body weight exercises too.

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Until next time, all the best…

Lee – Sport CBDs

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