20 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout – No2, EMOM Workout


20-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout – No2, EMOM Workout

If you want well-rounded improvements in a short time, this workout routine is ideal. It dedicates the same amount of effort to every muscle group, so whatever your goal is, this plan can help get you there.

Dumbbells are great for people who want to improve their physical fitness without spending a lot of money or taking up too much space.

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Dumbbell training

If you’re looking for an excellent way to get a full-body workout, try using a pair of dumbbells. Dumbbells can be used for numerous exercises like squats, overhead presses, and rows.

Incorporating dumbbells into your workout routine is an excellent way to build muscle, increase strength, and improve cardiovascular health.

If you are new to training with dumbbells, it is important to start slowly and progress gradually. Choose a weight that is comfortable for you and increase it gradually as your strength increases.

Once you feel comfortable with the movement and form, increase both the weight and number of reps.

Dumbbell essentials

When working out with dumbbells it’s essential to have the right equipment. Choose a pair of dumbbells that are comfortable for you and fit your exercise program.

If you don’t have access to a gym or equipment, there are ways to make it work. You can use water bottles filled with sand or even canned goods as makeshift weights.

It’s important to choose a pair of dumbbells that are not too light or too heavy for you, and make sure to use good form while lifting to prevent injury.

This routine is made up of 9 exercises for a certain number of reps and there are two rounds of action to work through, which will take you around 20 minutes to complete.

The goal is to provide your full effort during each activity while also focusing on your form and breathing.

This workout program is designed to give you a full-body transformation and get you into excellent shape.

How to do this full-body Dumbell EMOM workout:

  • Choose a pair of dumbbells that is the right weight for you.
  • Push, pull and press for the number of desired reps.
  • Repeat this for a total of 20 minutes.
  • 9 exercises to work through
  • 2 rounds of exercise in routine

Full-body dumbbell workout

Dumbbells offer a comprehensive workout for the lower and upper body by targeting the legs, glutes, back, shoulders, and arms.

Dumbbells are not only great for toning your muscles, but they can help with your cardio fitness too. They are perfect for getting your heart rate up and burning calories.

We all know that dumbbells engage a lot of muscle groups at the same time and that you don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout. As long as you have enough room to move and a pair of dumbbells, you can get an amazing 20-minute full-body workout.

Here is a list of the exercises performed with the pair of dumbbells:

  • Squat & press
  • Hips up, chest press & squeeze
  • Lateral lunge x 2
  • Front & lateral raise
  • Elbows in rear delt fly
  • Deadlift and row
  • Skull crusher with legs raised 
  • Dumbbell swing

Note – exercises “x 2” are repeated on the other side of the body.

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Click on the video below to follow along with the workout.

This dumbbell workout is easy to follow and great for people of any fitness level.

By using a moderate-to-light-weight pair of dumbbells, you can press, pull, and lift your way to a better physical shape. 20 minutes a day is all you need to get the body you desire.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and give it a try! Getting healthier and fitter can be as easy as spending 20 minutes doing full-body dumbbell exercises.

If you are feeling more ambitious, increase the weight or the number of reps for an extra challenge and a more advanced workout.

If you’re struggling to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise.

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This kettlebell workout is easy to follow and great for people of any fitness level.

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