My Daily Morning Routine Checklist – Charming And Cheerful

Daily morning routine checklist

My Daily Morning Routine Checklist – Charming And Cheerful.

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You could say I would be classed as a morning person, not that I’m doing cartwheels down the street or anything (although I well could if i really wanted to), my philosophy is to make use of as much of the day as possible. What I mean with that is getting ahead with the day and ticking as many boxes as possible before the hen is crowing on his fence post!

Peeling Yourself Out Of Bed

This is something that lots of people find hard to do on a daily basis, we all love a warm comfy bed on cold, wet winters morning but… I feel this is productive time that could be spent exercising. This is exactly what I do. So, I’m going to be going over my daily morning routine checklist so you can maybe take some inspiration from it and force yourself out of bed just like me.

Daily morning routine checklist

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Daily Morning Routine – Start

My day begins with the soothing sounds of “Barbers Adagio for Strings” going off at 5.25am every morning, when this goes off, its not easy to get out of bed (the hardest part of the day), but I kinda force myself to sit up (like the Undertaker from WWE) and get up.

Once I’m out of bed its plain sailing (as they say) afterwards. I treat myself to a sit down wee and then I’m ready to attack the morning.

I get dressed into my gym gear and clumsily descend the staircase trying not to fall over or knock any pictures off the wall, I’d like to think of myself as a clumsy ninja (kind of a contradiction) where ill have a glass of water to “wet the whistle”.

I only really do fasted cardio and fitness, I know some would struggle with this as they are ready for breakfast straight away when they wake, however I’m not like that at the moment.

Workouts – Flexibility, Mobility and Functional Fitness

After downing the glass of water, i’ll proceed with my morning workout, on a Monday I will go for a 5km run, just to set me up nicely for the week and blow out the cobwebs from the weekend. Always making sure I stretch before I hit the tarmac (very important).

For the rest of the week I will do workouts which are a combination of flexibility, mobility and functional fitness. What this means is that I’m making use of alternative exercises and movements which will compliment the way my body moves and works, that also help increase my flexibility and range of motion. I do a lot of stretching and do lots of yoga techniques that flow to help the body move as it should.

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This normally lasts 30 minutes by either using resistance bands, kettlebells or my body weight. I do use dumbbells but not to the point of only doing isolation exercises, although you can’t help but do them from time to time. I always try to maintain my heart rate around an average of 130bpm if possible, sometimes lower, sometimes higher depending on the workout, but always try to maintain and keep it steady.

Workout – Check!

Post Workout Philosophy

After my 30 minute workout, I will do a little stretching then meditate for at least 10 minutes. This, for me is a massive help in relaxing my mind. It helps me control my heart rate after the exercise, while clearing my mind of any background chatter. The simplest way to do this would be to count my breathing in and out through the nose. If you wanted to try meditating, why not try one of out meditations here.

After the meditation I feel re-energized and ready for the day a head, this for me is the MOST important part of my day. Without it, I can sometimes not react to scenarios as well and it helps me remain calm and focused no matter what (cheesy I know).

Meditation – Check!

Post Workout Supplementation

Once the meditation is complete I will then begin to get some well-earned nutrients in my body.

Firstly, I’ll have a protein shake to feed the muscle tissue I have just worked, this normally has around 25gm of protein, with a helping of creatine and branch chain amino acids (BCAA).

Next I take my vitamins for the day which consists of 1000mg cod liver oil, a multi vitamin which has 24 different vitamins in one tablet, then I take two tablets of calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. I wash all the tablets down with a 1000mg vitamin C tablet.

I will then treat myself to an espresso to give me my caffeine fix for the morning using my Nespresso machine, then onto my breakfast!

Here I have a small bowl of porridge with either a small spoon of honey or a banana sliced on top. Finally, I will have a cup of lemon green tea to wash the porridge down with. By this time I am pretty full and won’t eat again till late morning, although I will continue to drink just water through the day.

After the lemon tea i’m ready to hit the shower and get my exfoliation on, then get ready for work and hit the ground running and smash the day out and get it done!

Nutrition, Fluids & Supplements – Check!

Your Routine?

We all have our own little morning rituals and this has been mine for a while now. I will change it up from time to time with regard to my workouts and the times I do them. The mornings work for me at the moment, so I will continue to do them as I have been doing.

Has this post inspired you to maybe think about getting up any earlier in the week to get ahead? Or do you prefer to exercise later in the day?

If you have tried this daily morning checklist or you are thinking of doing so and found this review helpful, please leave a comment below, as I would love to hear them.

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Till next time, take care…