15 Minute Daily Stretch Routine – Beginners Follow Along – Increase Flexibility


15 Minute Daily Stretch Routine

Having a regular stretching routine can help increase your flexibility and range of motion. It will help reduce the risk of injury, especially as you get older, while also helping to improve your mental wellbeing and focus. If you aren’t familiar to stretching routines, they can be liberating and reenergising, as you wont feel as sluggish, you may feel lighter on your feet and even have more energy…win! Regular stretching can work wonders for the body and mind in helping them to work in sync throughout the day. Stretching daily will help improve your coordination and fitness levels, while also helping your mental wellbeing. Unbelievably, lots of people still choose to miss out stretching regularly before and after workouts, which as mentioned can lead to injury, stiffness and pain.

Deeper Look Into Benefits Of Stretching

A steady morning stretch makes for a great start to the day, to loosen tension all over the body, which can feel tight and restricted first thing in the morning. A good stretch provides many mental benefits also – increased concentration, while easing stress and anxiety. Here are other ways a stretching routine helps improve your body and mind:

  • Reduces the risk of joint and muscle injuries
  • Improves circulation and blood vessel functionality
  • Increases range of motion
  • Reduction in pain caused by poor posture
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation and zen
  • Releases endorphins
  • Brings focus to the present

What Different Types Of Stretching Is There?

Over time you will progress your full-body stretching routine and its important to determine the type of stretching and when to do them.

  • Dynamic stretching gets your muscles warmed up for an activity/exercise. It involves moving a joint or muscle through its full range of motion.
  • Static stretching requires holding a stretch in place for at least 15 seconds or longer without moving, which helps your muscles loosen up before or after exercise.

Try My 15 Minute Stretching Routine

Do you stretch regularly before and after you workout or do you not have any kind of dynamic stretching routine?

Here we are doing some real time morning stretches, this is a great stretching routine for either the morning or night.

It becomes more important as you age to do a full body stretching routine regularly. These stretching exercises will increase your flexibility over time.

This video has great stretching exercises for beginners too and will give you a full body stretch in the process. It is so important to do stretching before workouts as part of your warm up routine.

Do you do any stretches before running to increase your speed and distance? If you don’t, then why not give this a try?

This video incorporates the sun salutation, stretches, breathe and flow, mobility flow, a little yoga for athletes, with static stretching, hip flexor stretch and hip mobility exercises and back exercises.

Either way, follow along with me and do the full body morning stretching routine, which incorporates yoga moves/poses that lasts for 15 minutes, which will help to prevent injury. This video incorporates yoga for athletes and is great stretching for flexibility and has stretching exercises to help you get supple.

With full voice over to help you stretch in real time with me. This mobility flow will get you ready and prepared for the day ahead!

If you have tried this routine and enjoyed it, please leave a comment below, as I would like to hear your thoughts.

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