Should You Buy Kettlebells In Pairs? (Heres 4 Things To Consider)


Should You Buy Kettlebells In Pairs? (Heres 4 Things To Consider)

Are you thinking about finally purchasing a kettlebell or even some kettlebells?

Do you get just the one kettlebell?

Maybe you should get two, so you have a pair.

The answers and more are coming up.

Should Kettlebells Be Brought In Pairs?

You can buy kettlebells in pairs, as there are a variety of exercises/drills that can be done with two and they work very well together. However, if you are starting out with using kettlebells, you are completely ok to purchase just the one. As you can get great fitness, endurance and strength gains by simply using a single kettlebell. If there is a great offer available on a pair it is worth investing, as down the line you may want to progress to using a pair. However, I would not buy a pair just for the sake of it, especially if you are new to kettlebell training.

1. Picking The Weight & Type

When you are thinking about purchasing a kettlebell, the first thing you need to consider is what weight are you going to go for?

I have seen many forums that recommend (as a rough guide) that women should go for 10kg – 16kg and men 16kg – 26kg per kettlebell.

For me, I would say these weights are way too heavy, especially if you are thinking about getting a pair.

If you are going to get a pair, you really have to think about this as you don’t want to get too light a set and you then start a kettlebell collection. You also don’t want to get too heavy a pair and not be able to really use them.

I would suggest a pair of 6kg – 10kg for women and 8kg – 20kg for men, as I have mentioned, this is just a guide.

Since the pandemic, the cost of weights in general has gone through the roof! So you have to make sure you get the right kit right from the start.

When looking to buy kettlebells, it’s not just the weight you have to think about, but also the type of kettlebell is important.

Im sure you have all seen those plastic/vinyl kettlebells filled with sand or cement, that are priced a lot cheaper than competition or even cast iron kettlebells.

Theres a reason for this and that’s because they are cheap products and I would advise against getting these. Longterm you will regret using them.

The handles are mostly made of the same material and is uncomfortable to grip and swing due to the texture. They are also normally bigger and more bulky than other types of kettlebells.

Meaning, they get in the way and can make training harder than it needs to be. Training with two of these would be difficult to say the least.

Over time the material here will perish, crack and break, leaving you with nothing to exercise with. Im sure there are some good vinyl items on the market, but I have never seen any as yet.

With cast iron and competition kettlebells, the quality of the item is much better. The grip on a cast iron kettlebell is slightly abrasive and works well to grip and hold during challenging workouts.

The quality of the bell itself is made to a much higher standard and you will find these are more expensive, but well worth the investment.

They are robust and can take quite a few knocks here and there without you having to worry about causing damage to them.

In my experience, I would only go for a competition or cast iron kettlebell. I train daily with the cast iron variety and they feel great to work with, a real pleasure!

Check out this 25 minute single kettlebell workout over on the YouTube channel.

2. Experience

Now, I’m assuming (I know I shouldn’t but…) if you are wondering whether to buy a pair of kettlebells, that you are unfamiliar training with them, thus making sense to start training ONLY using a single kettlebell.

I have been training with kettlebells on a daily basis for years now and the majority of time I train, I only use one kettlebell.

Why you ask?

Well, in my humble opinion, you can get an awesome workout that will have you push your fitness levels to the limit using just one kettlebell.

Some might say this shows my lack of experience using kettlebells, but I don’t buy into this sleazy excuse.

I have found that using one kettlebell is far more versatile than two. Now I’m not saying that I don’t ever use two kettlebells, as I do…

They work well for swings, press, cleans and snatches. You’re more traditional exercises. I like to use the kettlebell differently and one works a treat.

As mentioned above, if there is a deal on offer for a pair, it is worth investing in them. You can always build up to working with two after all. You also have to be very committed to pay out for two if you are uncertain that you will enjoy working with kettlebells.

With an unlimited amount of workouts available on the internet and YouTube, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to using kettlebells now more than ever. I have various different workouts on my YouTube channel should you want to try them – Click here!

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3. Goals

What exactly are your short and longterm goals here? Are you looking to just increase your fitness levels by getting your swing on? Or are you training for a specific reason?

Are you looking to enter a CrossFit competition or even a kettlebell type of event?

If this is the case buying two will help you in your pursuit of kettlebell domination, but if you are looking to just workout, it’s worth thinking about why you want two?

Other than them working well as a pair, if money isn’t an object you may as well get a pair. Let’s face it, other than the dent in your bank account, you will be better off having a pair, as you will have better symmetry and balance when using two.

I find when using one kettlebell my core feels stronger and gets more of a workout due to the fact I’m having to stabilise my posture to maintain the position I’m in.

Either way, having two kettlebells will be a great edition to your home gym.

Using two kettlebells is a great way to increase your strength and overall fitness.

4. The Way Two Move Compared To One

As previously mentioned, I work with one kettlebell most of the time. This is because I enjoy it and I like the way one feels and moves.

I find you can do so many more exercises with one as oppose to two. Again, this doesn’t mean one is better, its just the way I prefer to train.

One kettlebell offers a greater range of motion too, the majority of two kettlebell exercises are pretty generic in nature, even though you will build greater strength, endurance and power over using one.

You have to be aware that using two kettlebells can put double the strain on your body, its well worth building up to using two over time as understanding the way kettlebells move can take some practice.

Though you will reap the rewards stepping up to using two! Just take your time and never rush into using two before being competent with one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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