Why Does CBD Oil Give Me Nightmares? (Here’s 4 Reasons Why)

L J Kudos

Why Does CBD Oil Give Me Nightmares?

Maybe you have started taking CBD recently, only to realise that you have been having nightmares.

Could CBD be responsible?

Or could it be other factor that have triggered this?

Have you changed anything else recently which might make this happen?

Where did you get the CBD from, was it a reputable company?

Let’s take a look to see why this could be.

Why Does CBD Oil Give Me Nightmares?

Theres no solid scientific proof that CBD oil can give you nightmares. All the evidence of this is anecdotal. However, this being said, just because there isn’t any scientific proof at the moment into this doesn’t mean this is the case. With CBD oil, there is still no regulation involved regarding what is in specific products etc. Always get a CBD oil that has been third party laboratory tested with batch counts. This will ensure you have the best quality CBD and you know it won’t have any secret additives included. All we can do is hypothesise at the moment, but CBD may optimise melatonin and serotonin levels while enhancing your REM sleep, this may account for the vivid dreams you are experiencing. Only time will tell if this truly is the case. It might also be worth not taking the CBD right before bed, consider taking 2 to 3 hours before bed.

1. Do Your Research And Check The Product

With CBD being unregulated, it’s easy for manufacturers to slip in (whether intentionally or not) any ingredients that are not necessary.

Here are a few things for you to look out for when checking your CBD product for any reason as to why you are having nightmares.

Has there product been third party batch testing done on the product in question? If the manufacturer doesn’t offer this on the website, then you can’t guarantee the quality of the CBD. All the CBD that has been tested to a high standard won’t contain anything that shouldn’t be in there.

Does the product have batch counts? This ties in with the lab testing. If the CBD doesn’t have batch counts of manufacture, there’s no telling when the product was made or there is no way to know the quality of the product either.

Does the product contain any THC? As you will be aware, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the chemical compounds in cannibis (marijuana).

By law depending on where you are located, the amount of THC in CBD can’t be any higher than 0.2. This might be a minuscule amount but if there’s no testing involved, you don’t know how much is in the product and this could have a bearing on your sleep and nightmares.

Why Does CBD Oil Give Me Nightmares?
Always check the quality of the CBD you are buying.

You may or may not know, that there are two different strains of cannibis. These are Indica and Sativa.

Indica is generally relaxing, whilst Sativa is uplifting. Terpenes will also steer the effect (both for THC and CBD), therefore terpenes that are uplifting will energise you and terpenes that are relaxing will calm you down.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, though these are commonly associate with cannabis because the plants contain high concentrations of them. These aromatic compounds create the characteristic scent of many plants, such as cannabis, pine, lavender, as well as fresh orange peel.

It’s always worth investigating the source material and terpene content of your product.

What is the strength and dosage of the CBD oil? This is another factor that varies dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer.

It might be worth experimenting with the dosage, check to see the amount per serving and increase or decrease the dose you have.

With all this considered above, there could be one or a few contributing factors here as to why you are getting nightmares from CBD oil.

2. Have You Changed Your Diet Or Lifestyle?

One of the more trickier topics to cover, as there’s numerous variables to consider. You have to take into account your lifestyle, do you lead a healthy lifestyle? How is your diet? Do you eat what is considered to be a balanced diet, which mixes protein, carbohydrates, grains, fruit and vegetables with dairy products? 

Has any of this changed recently that could be a reason, when mixed with the CBD that may have contributed to the nightmares or has nothing changed there?

Have you taken on any extra responsibility at work or at home that could be putting strain on you subconsciously? Taking on more than we are able to control can be challenging and even though we feel ok on the surface, underneath there might be something that isn’t sitting right with you.

Do you exercise regularly for around five times a week for 30 minutes? Which includes lifting weights and cardiovascular exercise? 

This is something that is difficult to balance, if you have changed the way you exercise recently along with the CBD intake, this could also be a factor?

What is your bodyweight like? You have to take into account your weight to CBD ratio too.

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Why Does CBD Oil Give Me Nightmares?
Does CBD give you nightmares? What could be the reason why?

3. Are You On Any Other Medication?

Are you on any other medication? This can be a massive contributing factor when you are thinking of, or are taking CBD. Always seek the professional advice of your doctor regarding this.

The time at which you decide to take CBD can make a big difference regarding how it can keep you awake. This again can be like a game of bingo at the old peoples home on a Sunday afternoon knowing when the optimum time to take that will work for you. 

With everything mentioned here, its best to experiment with when you take CBD also, see what works as we’re all very different.

Some like to take it before bed, I personally take around two hours before bed and take sublingually to get the maximum effect possible, by holding under my tongue.

When you weigh up all contributing factors, it’s a tough call to make, especially if you are having problems. For most people they can take CBD without any problems and it works a treat.

Always consider the CBD you are taking regarding if the product is right for your personal requirements. What I mean is that there are CBD products made specifically for sleep, as they have added natural products that reflect this – with things such as chamomile and valerian root to name a couple.

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4. Is There Any Scientific Proof CBD Causes Nightmares?

Some studies do suggest that CBD may be involved in lowering anxiety levels and many users point out that they tend to fall asleep quicker when using the compound. Some research also suggests that sleep quality may be improved which can lead to a better sense of feeling refreshed and higher energy levels on waking.

Most of the research and studies on CBD and sleep indicate that it is helpful with relaxation and sleep, however there are always exceptions to the rule.

There have been anecdotal accounts of people having strange dreams when using CBD, but these may not be down to the compound at all. Research into the effect of THC on sleep patterns found that it decreased the REM stage and increased the deep sleep phase. Subjects also reported a rebound effect when they stopped using the drug. Some people who stopped using CBD oil before bedtime also report having more vivid dreams.

Another thing people have noted is their recall of dreams after taking CBD oil improves.

Ultimately, this is an area that needs a lot more research. First, it helps to know a little more about what happens when you drop off at night. Sleep has different, distinct stages.

One well-known stage is REM (Rapid Eye Movement), this is where we dream or remember our dreams when we wake up. The other stage, deep sleep, is beneficial for a lot of things including recovery and restoring the body.

There’s no evidence, clinical or anecdotal, that suggests any worsening of dreams such as nightmares or night terrors.

Final thoughts…

Although there is no scientific evidence stating that CBD can give you nightmares, it may be down to one of the contributing factors mentioned above.

The human body is very complex and the slightest change can make a huge difference. If you think it is purely down to the CBD, then it might be worth changing the brand or CBD might not be something that agrees with you.

Most of the time it is down to the product itself, not being of a certain quality, not stating the contents or the type of CBD reacts with you.

However, this may not always be the case and it might be down to something completely different?

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