Full Body Kettlebell Workout 15 Mins | No18 | Non Stop EMOM With No Repeat


Full Body Kettlebell Workout 15 Mins | No18 | Non Stop EMOM With No Repeat

This full-body fitness workout is ideal for anybody wanting to improve their overall fitness.

This workout uses many different exercises to target every muscle group, making it an excellent way to improve your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

The best part of this workout is that it can be done practically anywhere, without needing a lot of equipment. All you need is one kettlebell and a timer.

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This workout consists of 10 exercises for 1 minute with no repeat. For each exercise, you will perform as many reps as possible of the specified exercise, then rest for 30 seconds.

The goal is to work hard and push yourself for each exercise, but to also be mindful of your form and breathing.

Remember to focus on quality over quantity, and to always listen to your body.

Not only does this workout tone your entire body, it gets you into tip-top shape.

It’s time to break a sweat with this full body EMOM kettlebell workout! In just 15 minutes, you’ll work every muscle in your body and leave feeling toned and fit.

10 exercises that I have performed with the one kettlebell:

  • Pendulum 
  • Clean and press bottom up
  • One arm pull, squat swing x 2
  • Sit up, press and rotate 
  • Behind the back & pass
  • Snatch, rack and squat x 2 
  • Hips up, pull over and press
  • Windmills x 2
  • Narrow swing and pass 
  • Halo and KB thruster 

Note – exercises “x 2” are repeated on the other side of the body.

New to kettlebells? Here are all the videos in my beginners kettlebell workout program.

EMOM workouts

EMOM or every minute-on-the-minute workouts are a simple and effective way to put in a lot of work in a short amount of time.

An EMOM can be performed for any length of time.

This structure allows people to get creative with their workouts and easily scale them to be more difficult as their fitness level increases.

Click on the video below to follow along with the workout.

This kettlebell workout is easy to follow and great for people of any fitness level.

By using a moderate-to-light weight Kettlebell, you can squat, hinge, row, push, press and swing through almost any exercise while still getting a great workout.

If you’re struggling to get enough rest between exercises, don’t be afraid to decrease the reps or modify the exercise.

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